Experiencing Sheer Bliss with Beaulieu Carpet!

Ignorance is NOT Bliss

It is difficult to think of high quality commercial and residential carpet without thinking of the name Beaulieu. Once again the Beaulieu Group has out done itself bring us the new Bliss line of breath taking carpet products. As one of the most common names in the league of top tier carpet manufacturers, it is no suprise that their slogan for the new Bliss line of carpets is, “the nicest carpet in the world”. Whether one is looking for something durable yet posh for the home or something inviting as it is professional for the workplace, the Bliss line of carpet seems to have all of the bases covered.

Beaulieu Carpet

           (Images Taken from Blissflooring.com) 

The Advantages

 Many the veteran consumer will say that pretty words alone do not make a product worth buying. I agree, as does Beaulieu it would seem as they put quite a bit of their focus with Bliss line on not only making it a product that looks good, but also as one that has long term advantages.

The Bliss line uses unique technologies such as:

  • Magic Fresh®
  • Silver Release®
  • LuxuryBac®, SoftSense™
  • PermaShield® 

To maintain an odorless, wrinklefree and stainless soft flooring experience that will last your home or business many years. 

Beaulieu Carpet

(Images Taken from Blissflooring.com)

Are You Ready?

 As if the experience of buying high quality carpet from Beaulieu did not already sound like sheer bliss, these carpets also have one more perk that many of us are now coming to expect as a standard; They are eco-friendly. Features such as OmniLocTM and Green Smart® are assurances that as much recycled material as possible were used in making the backing and fibers used in the Bliss line of products. With this cherry on top how could you not experience sheer bliss with the Beaulieu Group’s Bliss line of high quality commercial and residential carpets?

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