Carpet Installation: How to Find the Right Installer

Getting Started  The most tedious part of obtaining new carpet in your home or business is not deciding oncarpet installation info which color or even what type you wish to install, but the installation itself. Many people already know this, which is why I would like to discuss the most important decision in the Installation process; choosing the correct installer.

Many the consumer will go with a retailer’s installer or maybe with a friend or family member with experience in the field. These are not bad options but keep in mind that they are options, you are always free to make your own final decision on who will be doing the installation with your beautiful new soft-flooring order. In some cases those of you with a strong do it yourself spirit may even find the right installer by looking in the mirror! Be sure to take a long hard look though as carpet installation is not to be taken lightly and can be difficult as well as exhausting work.

carpet installation
Making an Educated Decision

When choosing your installer whether he be yourself and or a professional the most important thing to look for is experience. The more experience the team doing the installation has, the better the final result will look. Plain and simple. Make sure your installer has experience with carpet in particular and not just with other types of flooring installation.

It is also a good idea to make sure he or she is certified by one or more of the following; CRI, CFI or the WFCA. One last test would be that of character. The chosen installer and their team will be working inside your home or business so it is paramount that they are of a trustworthy nature unless your can keep 100% supervision at the work sight.

Once you have selected a worthy candidate the final step in this decision making process would be to sit down and test your installer’s communication skills. Planning out the installation beforehand and even making an installation diagram is highly reccomended. If your installer does not seem interested in proper communication and planning the job out properly, maybe they are not the right selection after all. It is better to be cautious in your search for the right installer rather than find out about these issues after the job has begun.

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