Caring for Caress: A Guide to Maintaining Your Caress Carpet by Shaw

If you are looking into purchasing some of Shaw Floor’s hot, new Caress line of carpets or already own some, then you are going to want to make sure that you properly care for these beautiful and elegant new floors.

They come with some of the best warranties in the industry, including;

  • 20 Years on Abrasive Wear
  • 20 Years on Texture Retention
  • 20 Years on Quality Assurance
  • 20 Years on Softback Coverage
Shaw Caress Carpet

Despite how great the warranties offered by Shaw Floors on these products might be,
it is still up to the you to
take care of your floors with regular cleaning and maintenance.

Do not fear though because Shaw has a lot of information available to you on this subject.

The first thing too know about cleaning Caress carpets is that the WRONG vacuum can be a fatal mistake.

The plush and ultrasoft fibers used in Caress may be durable against stains and foot traffic, but they
are not durable against a vacuum that reaches too deeply into the carpet surface.

Some things to look for in getting the right tool for cleaning your Caress carpet by Shaw are…

  • Adjustable Height Brush Roll
  • A Light Weight Vacuum
  • Appropriate Wheel Size
  • Adjustable Motor Speed
  • Brush Roll Control Option

Some of you might be saying,”But I already own a nice vacuum cleaner, do I realy need a new one?”
Well it is quite possible that you do not. Shaw
recommends that you try out your current vacuum in a
spot that is mostly out of view, such as a closet or unused corner of room.

If it has some of the above mentioned features be sure to use them and see how it performs.

The thing to remember here is that the more suited the vacuum is and the less rough it is on your Caress carpet,
the longer it will last and more gorgeous it will be.

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