4 Things to Consider When Choosing A New Floor

There are a lot of elements that need to go into consideration while decorating your home. When deciding on decorative pieces, wall hangings, paint colors, window treatments and furniture, we should not forget the foundation of the home, the flooring! Without this solid background, your other decor will have nothing to play off of, I think we can all agree that flooring is one of the main focal points of the room, as most people typically begin walking by looking down first.

4 Considerations for a New Floor:

  • Functionality
  • Style
  • Coloration/Pattern
  • Financial

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First off put all aesthetics aside, because under this mode of thinking you really need to open your eyes to the functionality of the flooring in the room of your choosing.

Think of how much traffic that the floor will be taking in the area, if it is a large amount of foot traffic, you wouldn’t want to go with a fluffy and soft carpet. This would not hold up very well against major wear and tear. In this situation you may elect to go with a hardwood, luxury vinyl tile or laminate. These three will handle the foot traffic, while keeping its integrity.


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Style has always been the front of most people’s thoughts when choosing a floor for their home. There are literally thousands of styles in all types of flooring available.

This really depends on what your personal style caters to, once you track this down, its as simple as seeing what speaks to you aesthetically. For example, If you were looking to go with a very modern or contemporary design, you may be better suited for carpet tiles or resilient flooring. These two types allow for almost any color and design possible. They can be bold or understated!

On the flip side, if you home has more of a cottage or cabin feel, I would recommend a rustic handscraped hardwood floor. This would play off of your homes strong points.


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The color or pattern of the flooring will dramatically affect the room, catering directly to the look and how big the room feels to the eye. The darker the flooring the more small and cozy the room will feel. This is not saying to  stay away from dark floors, it simply means that if this is not the desired aesthetic, you will need to take extra steps to create the illusion of space, such as light colored walls and decor.

Lighter colors and patterns will typically open a room up and make it appear larger to the eye.


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Many floors are incredibly expensive, while this is completely understandable because of the quality of the flooring, such as exotic hardwood flooring, you really get what you pay for.

However sometimes we just do not have the budget for such indulgences and so wind up becoming frustrated by the process. Don’t get down though, because the market is geared to cater to every consumer budget level, you will more than likely be able to find a cheaper counterpart to the original floor you desired.

Let’s take a handscraped hardwood floor for instance, I’ve seen these priced incredibly high on the market. But I’ve also seen floors that look and feel just like them, for a fraction of the cost, such as handscraped luxury vinyl plank flooring.

Like all consumer products, you just need to compare and contrast to determine what will work best for you.

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I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and look forward to any comments or questions. Until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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