Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring For your Home?

Bamboo-Plank-Earthwerks-Vinyl-Tile-FlooringLuxury vinyl tile flooring has grown incredibly since it’s entrance into the flooring world. Now-a-days its hard to tell what is what anymore when it comes to appearance, functionality and lifespan. So why should you buy into it?


It’s As Simple as 5 “No’s.”


The Five No’s of Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring:

1. No Experience!

This is a floor specifically for the DIY Installer. No experience is require for installation as these products are the easiest to install. With the many different types of installations that you need to know for installing hardwoods and laminates, Luxury vinyl tile can be installed in a matter of hours. Some even have technologies that allow you to install with nothing more than a razor knife, straight edge, and measuring tape.

Glue is no longer neccessary because some have peel and stick adhesive backing or even are intended to be loose without any adhesive. They simply install themselves.



2. No Seams!

Because these luxury vinyl tile floors are made like tiles you will not have seams! When talking about vinyl sheet flooring, it can be a challenge to achieve this. Unless you get a solid piece cut the exact size of your room, you will have a seam.

What is so bad about a seam?

It is very noticeable and if it is not taken care of properly they can start to come up at the seams over time. Also, you will not have to worry about pattern matching, which is a very arduous task for the DIYer.

You will basically put your flooring down one piece at a time, giving to a more natural flowing overall design, and if you mess up, you can simply pull it up and put it in place.

3. No Replacing an Entire Floor!

Just like its distant cousin the carpet tile, replacing a single damaged tile is a breeze simply pull it up and replace it. With sheet vinyl flooring you would have to cut out a square creating a seam as well as having to find a piece to match the pattern.

This can actually be so daunting that most opt for replacing the entire floor. Not Economical!


4. No Tools!

You will have all the basic DIY tools required without having to rent tools at your local builder’s store. This stacks up to saving a ton on installation costs. Like I said before you just can’t get a simpler DIY project. A utility knife, measuring tape and straight egde are all you really need.

5. No Wet Messes!

I think my favorite benefit of Luxury Vinyl Tile would have to be the fact that you just can’t mess it up by spilling on it. This is not to suggest that you shouldn’t clean it when you do, but you can relax a bit when hosting a party where wine is being served.


If you love these 5 No’s as much as me, you should click below for some inspiration


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