Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet: Luxuriously Engineered!

Mohawk SmartStrand Silk with Dupont Sorona is making it’s presence known in the industry! Complete with all of the benefits that came from previous SmartStrand technologies, with the added softness that you would expect from a residential luxury carpet. Today we will will be talking about what Mohawk SmartStrand Silk with Dupont Sorona is all about.

SmartStrand is the only carpet that provides permanent, built-in stain and soil protection. It will never wash or wear off. On other carpet types stain and soil protection is temporary and it has to be reapplied as time marches on. Nylon carpets typically loose about 50% of their given stain and soil protection after only 3 steam cleanings. This directly influences how difficult it will be to keep a carpet clean over time. SmartStrand Silk however eliminates this issue entirely.

Enjoy the Beauty of Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpet 3 Times Longer than other carpets!

Because it is a performance powerhouse, SmartStrand Silk carpets will look better longer compared to other soft nylon carpets. Independent wear testing has shown that it does not start to show traffic related wear until about 60,000 footsteps!

The Benefits of Mohawk SmartStrand Silk Carpet:

  • Built in Stain Protection
  • Softest Nylon Carpet Available!
  • Lasting Beauty
  • Easy to Clean
  • Dirt Resistant
  • Odor Resistant
  • High Quality
  • Durable
  • Wear Resistant
  • Protected from Crushing and Matting

Environmental Impact? What Impact?

SmartStrand Silk fibers are made in part from corn sugar, what many Americans think is bad for them. Well luckily for you, you will not be ingesting the floor! By using this rapidly renewable resource, it reduces dependency on petroleum. About every seven square yards of a 40 oz SmartStrand Silk carpet seaves the energy equivalent of one gallon of gasoline compared to an equal amount of run of the mill nylon!

All and all, Mohawk SmartStrand Silk carpets have created an entirely new category when it comes to the tradition, it simply has no comparison!

I hope you enjoyed today’s blog and I thank you for reading, I hope this shed some light on an amazing product.

Until Next Time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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