Give the Gift of an Area Rug for the Holidays!

Many times we tend to lose it when trying to find the perfect gift for friends and family during the Holiday Season. Today we would like to make a suggestion, and that suggestion is Area Rugs.

The gift of an area rug will certainly be a very talked about gift for months to come. Depending on the personality of the person that you are giving to you can really find something that will match their personality! So I will make a list of the best rugs to get your family:

Mom and Dad:

A little traditional will go a long way with your parents, the great thing about it though is that they will love and display anything you choose. So do them a favor and don’t grab a black light area rug for them, could you imagine. Here is my suggestion….

 Beaumont Area Rug


Nieces, Daughters:

This will be a fun rug to pick. There are many area rugs designed specifically for younger females, and finding one for a bedroom is a great start. Just ask for favorite colors and you will be sure to find something with a modern edge in the right color scheme.

Butterfly Fantasy Shaw Area Rug


Sons, Nephews:

What will really get them excited is a themed area rug for the bedroom, whether it be black light, their favorite football team, or a print that they can play on. You really can’t go wrong with going commercial in this situation! They will love it!

Dino Dreams Shaw Area Rug


Aunts, Uncles, Cousins, Brother’s, Sister’s:

Although it is usually a good idea to choose a gift that will relate to them personally, it can be hard to live day to day and not be stressed when holiday shopping. My suggestion is to keep these area rugs as casual as possible, cute prints, geometric shapes and floral patterns are a great idea.

Edison Shaw Area Rug



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