Asking the Right Questions When Having Carpet Installed

CarpetAlthough it might seem like an initially daunting process, installing carpet is actually an exciting time and becomes much easier when you break the process into sections.

Asking the right questions makes all the difference when it comes to a successful carpet installation.

Even if some of the research is time consuming, it is well worth the effort!
To save you money and unnecessary stress, here are 11 go-to questions that you can ask your flooring retailer to ensure that your carpet is installed correctly the first time around:

1. Does the price of the carpet include carpet padding and carpet installation?

2. Is there a guarantee or warranty on the carpet/carpet padding/carpet installation?

3. What type of vacuum should I use?

4. What is the charge for removing old carpet and carpet padding and hauling it away?

5. Do you have professional installers on staff? If not, do you recommend an installer in the area?

As you are preparing for the installation, here are the biggest points to take into consideration:

6. How is my subfloor? It is level? Is it in good shape or does it need additional work?

7. Do I need to purchase new carpet cushion? Which carpet cushion will work best

8. May I verify you have the correct carpet? 

9. Will my doors have enough clearance after installation? 

10. Do I have any options for seam placement? 

11. Do you need us out of the area you are working on?


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