6 Tips to A Clean Home During the Holidays!

When it comes to the Holiday Season it seems that if you are the typical family, you will have a big mess to clean up on almost a daily basis. This is mainly due to the large amount of guests, family, and neglect due to the shopping that comes with it. Sometimes we are so stressed that we tend to skip over our daily cleaning routines. Today’s Blog is all about helping you, the host through this Holiday Season so that you will not have a glittering mound of mess by the end of it all!


6 Great tips for Holiday Home Survival

  • Doormats – I know this is kind of a no brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people decide to host a holiday event without these floor saving heroes! If you don’t have these already, make sure to pick some up during a shopping trip. Doormats can help to eliminate outside dirt, snow, mud, etc. This is great especially for children who will more than likely be running in and out during the festivities.
  • Strategically Placed Cleaning Wipes – Think of all of the places in your home that a mess may find when a large amount of people are congregating. Once you have determined these areas, place individually packaged cleaning wipes in them. This will allow for quick spills and messy hands to be cleaned up before they reach your furniture, carpet, or hardwood flooring. I know from personal experience that if a child spills and has access to clean it up him/herself, that they are more likely to do just that, and if not you can look forward to lifting a pillow later and discovering that that chocolate cookie you gave them, didn’t really make it to your intended destination.
  • PresentsCollect Wrapping Paper and Decorations Immediately After Unwrapping
    any that celebrate the Christmas Holiday give a good amount of presents at Holiday Parties. Solution, Keep a festive basket with a trash bag in it around the area where the presents will be unwrapped. A cute idea to make this a little less static to the eyes, decorate the basket or trash container so say “Santa’s Recycling Bin,” you will be surprised at how children will make a point to recycle there wrappings without you even having to ask!
  • Gather and Eat at the Dining Table – Collectively, at holiday events we tend to scatter and mingle without a direction in where seating will be. So this means that your famous green bean casserole has the possibility of winding up anywhere on the floor in your home. This year, if seating allows, set up tables for dining with name and place settings. This will not only allow you to keep food out of your living room, but allow for arranged seating. Sometimes it is good to purposely separate those crazy Uncle’s that have been feuding over a football game that happened 30 years ago!
  • Ask your Guests and Family to Rinse Their own Dishes – A giant pile of dishes to clean is never a fun after party. Ask your guest if they would please dispose of scraps and rinse their own dishes. You can make it easy on them further by filling a storage container large enough to support more than a few dishes, halfway with clean water. They can then use the sink to rinse and drop the rinsed items into the bin. This will make clean up a breeze for you when your guests leave.
  • Relax and Enjoy It, It Only Happens Once a Year – The reality is that parties always leave a mess. It is important to not let it get to you. Just remember how happy everyone is and why you wanted to host in the first place. FAMILY AND FRIENDS! Don’t let the stress get to you if things go awry. Grab a glass of eggnog and enjoy it, it will be over sooner than you realize.

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I hope you enjoyed Today’s take on Holiday Mess Prevention and I can’t wait to read any other tips that you may have for seasonal tidiness. Thanks for reading and…….

Until Next Time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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