White Hardwood Flooring: Make a Statement!

So yesterday I posted a Black Hardwood Flooring blog with some very gorgeous flooring pictures, Click Here to view it! So, today we are going to go with the same concept add upload my favorite White hardwood floor images.

Why do I love white hardwood flooring?

For one it makes a space feel so much larger than it really is. It also looks stunning and works very well with dark walls, which is typically hard to pull off. Trust me, I’ve tried.

Without futher delay lets jump right into showing off they awesome white hardwoods!


Cape Ann – Shaw White Hardwood Flooring

Cape Ann Shaw White Hardwood Flooring

What an amazing white hardwood! A few things about this product:

  • This is a solid hardwood
  • The species is actually a red oak, but they did an awesome job with color!
  • It has a Scufresist Platinum finish! This helps tremendously when it comes to the overall durability of your floor!
  • The Distressed surface gives it a rustic elegance.

Performance Plus Birch – Armstrong White Hardwood Flooring

Performance Plus Birch Armstrong White Hardwood Flooring

Exceptional flooring makes for an exceptional space. Here is a little about this product:
  • This is an Engineered Hardwood, so it would be a great choice for a kitchen or dining area because of the added moisture protection.
  • This hardwood floor has been finished with a medium gloss, giving you a tradition look.
  • The wood species is Birch, a popular choice for American households.
  • It comes with an outstanding 50 Year Residential Warranty, making this floor a smart buy for the savvy shopper!

Virginia Vintage Oak – Sand Dollar – Anderson White Hardwood Flooring

Virginia Vintage Anderson White Hardwood Flooring

When you do it right the first time, a hardwood floor will remain timeless. Here are so Specifications:
  • This is the perfect hardness for a hardwood flooring, scoring a 1650 on the Janka Hardness Test, you’ve gotta love Oak!
  • Another engineered floor, giving you all the hardwood you want, without the worry when seasons change.
  • The classic 5″ width of the flooring will make your home the talk of the neighborhood.
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