The Do’s and Don’ts of Cleaning Laminate Flooring

With every type of flooring, there is always a particular method of cleaning involved. Many people decide not to research it and wind up making mistakes that cannot be unmade! Today you will learn exactly what to do and what not to do, when cleaning your Laminate Flooring!

You see the main issue with cleaning as you see fit, really boils down to the product itself. Many laminates can be forgiving and are in turn more likely to handle inappropriate cleaning methods and agents. But doing it this way may void your warranty and if a problem ever does arise with your laminate, you can be almost certain that if the proper care regimen was not taken, you warranty will be void.

This is why it is so important to be educated on the proper way of doing things.

So, how should I clean my laminate flooring?

Sweeping and Mopping:

Dirt, debris and dust can be incredibly hard on your laminate flooring’s surface. Overtime it will cause abrasions that you may not pic up as scratching at first, but in time it will cause a dulling effect on your floor. A simple regular sweeping and or dust mopping will remedy this! In fact the more you do it, the better. Loose dirt and grime are constant on a floor so if you want your floor looking its best always, I can’t stress the importance of these basic steps.

Also using a vacuum and its attachments for the edges of the floor are also an excellent idea. The trapped in the corner dirt can easily dirty up your floor with the slightest breeze, so it is important to remain aggressive even in the corners of the room.


Never, ever, ever pour water on a laminate floor! You only need to use a slightly dampened mop on it. Any amount of excess water that is allowed to sit can create bubbling and swelling. Now don’t think that you shouldn’t use any liquid, just use enough to dampen the mop and get your floor clean. Also be sure to wipe up any excess water or liquid left after mopping with a dry towel. This will prevent any spotting associate with the floors surface, as well as give you a beautiful shine!

Here are the Do’s and Don’ts of Laminate Floor Cleanliness


Use glides or floor protectors on the legs of furniture and chairs. This will help to prevent any scratching or abrasions.

Always lift heavy furniture, rather than sliding it across the floor, even with the pegs it is very easy to scratch the surface of the flooring while dragging a heavy object across it!

Place a towel under objects when moving for added protection.

Follow your manufacturer’s guidelines to a “T” when cleaning your floor.

Remove shoes or high heels at the doorways.

Place floor mats at doorways.


Use any soap based detergents or shine enhancing products to clean with.

Use any cleaners with abrasive qualities such as steel wool or even a hard bristled broom.

Put a ton of water on the laminate while cleaning!

Try to refinish your laminate flooring as you would your hardwood flooring, this is simply not the same type of flooring and you will wind up with horrible results!

I hope you enjoyed this article about laminate flooring and I can’t wait to hear what you think of it! As always thanks for reading and until next time…. Happy Home and Flooring!

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