Protecting your Hardwood Flooring During the Holiday Season!

In most American homes, the holiday season is one of the busiest that their hardwood floors see throughout the year. However many people really don’t think about the added foot traffic, house guests, spills, and weather conditions. And after a month of joy and happiness your floors may wind up looking a bit dull, once the New Year has come and gone.

Today we will be focusing on the impact of holiday season on your hardwood floors, and discuss tips for making it through without damaging your gorgeous surface area!


There are really 3 major hardwood flooring issues that we will address today:

  • The impact of natural Decorations.
  • Seasonal weather changes.
  • Holiday related foot traffic.

Let us start with the most obvious, Decorations!

Décor has always been a hallmark during the holiday season. Many go all out with it. While this is a lot of fun for the most part, some of the chosen décor may take advantage of your hardwood floors. Natural decorations can be a pain because of the slow break down process that live plants go through, such as Christmas trees, live wreaths, and mistletoe. While all just seem to go with the territory, there is definitely potential for issues with your flooring.

Pine needles, saps, water, and even broken ornaments are all no-no’s for a hardwood floor! But I know this will not sway your opinion, so how about I Share some great tips for dealing with these added aggravations.

  • When dealing with pine needles, make sure to keep them off the hardwood flooring as much as possible. One would think that natural oils from the pine needles would add a healthy oil sprinkling to the floor. Not the case at all. Pine needles can cause oily spots if left to stand on the floor, not too mention they can be very abrasive if walked on. Make sure to add a tree skirt under a tree, and to clean up any affected areas at least once a day, you will be glad you did!
  • Tree Sap, which can come from any live décor in your home, can be a sticky mess. If you notice a sticky sap like substance on your flooring, act immediately. Try using a nonstick cooking spray or a cloth with a spotting of vegetable oil. Let it sit on the sapped area for around 30 seconds, then wipe it clean. If you still feel a stickiness repeat this process. Once all of the sap has been removed, use your regular cleaning solution on the flooring to get rid of the excess oil, and welcome back your shiny Hardwood Flooring!
  • If you do have a tree and it is real, you must water it to keep it from loosing its needles and turning brown. As we all know water is a hardwood floor’s enemy. Keep your floor dry by not over filling the reservoir on your tree stand. It may behoove you to place a plastic liner under your tree stand so that you can prevent accidental spilling when changing the water reservoir!


We all hope for snow, even if it is secretly, around the holidays. While this is a wonderful experience to have, your hardwood flooring does not share your excitement! What starts a romp through the snow can wind up a flood on your floor. Enter the Area Rugs and Doormats. The best way to protect your flooring from the harshness of a snowy winter is by strategically placing the right mats in the right places, while also providing alternatives for keeping your feet warm and cozy. Try placing a rubber weather mat with a lip just inside your how where you enter. Wet shoes should be placed in the rubber receptacle, allow the snow to melt and the moisture contains to be dumped out later! Providing festive slippers as a shoe replacement will help to keep your family and guest, respectively participating in keeping your hardwood flooring dry.

My final thought relates to the staggering amount of foot traffic that your home may incur during the holidays. Believe it or not, this can be more noticeable after the fact than you thought. A great way to prevent dulling is to strategically place runners over your hardwood flooring in the areas that will receive the most seasonal traffic. Kitchens, dining areas, and living rooms and what one thinks about first, but there are actually more appropriate places. Paths or corridors are far more likely to be affected by foot traffic! So consider running some rugs down your hallways that lead to rest rooms!

Well that about wraps up my tips and strategies for dealing with your hardwood flooring throughout the holiday season! I hope you like the information and I can’t wait to hear your responses. Thank you for reading!

Until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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