Linoleum is Back and Better than Ever!

When you hear people talk about linoleum, what comes to mind?

Old-fashioned? Unnatural? Cheaply made?

Times have changed where Linoleum is concerned! No longer are the problems that once existed with this product of concern. Today we will be discussing the many benefits and qualities of this revamped flooring revolution. So get your thinking cap on and get ready to be enlightened!

We will be focusing mainly on Armstrong and Johnsonite Linoleum lines today, as they have been streamlining new linoleum products for the modern consumer.

First Up… Armstrong Linoleum

This brand has always put the environment first, and this is no different with there linoleum line. Marmorette with NATURCote Linoleum Flooring are excellent in the durability department, providing superior stain and scratch resistance, and no-polish maintenance options as an added benefit!

Armstrong has also made installation DIY Friendly. You no longer need to heat weld linoleum!

Although this is still an available option, you now have access to Armstrong’s Exclusive S-761 Seam Adhesive, here are the benefits:

  • Lower cost, quick and easy seaming method!
  • No heat welding required!
  • Installation in 15 Minutes!
  • No Special Tools or Charges!
  • The Seaming is of the same integrity of Heat Welding!

Next up is Johnsonite Harmonium xf Linoleum

Harmonium xf Linoleum is a truly sustainable flooring option. It is beautiful and very user friendly when it comes to keeping is gorgeous. It is made of 95% natural materials like linseed oil, flax seed, wood, and limestone. Of the materials 73% are rapidly renewable resources. Impressive right? In fact they are industry leading in rapidly renewable content!

Not only is it a high quality product, but it can last the long haul. Thanks to the proprietary xf finish, it will look awesome for up to 40 years and requires no initial waxing or polishing!

Like Armstrong is Harmonium xf is highly resistant to staining, abrasions and chemical exposure. This has been tested by the WFK Institute in Germany, which is a leading international cleaning technology research center. The results are astounding, Harmoium xf significantly out performed ordinary linoleum on many levels including stain resistance and color retention.

Other awesome Harmonium xf Benefits:

  • Naturally antibacterial
  • Biodegradable
  • Fire retardant
  • Capable of Self-Healing Surface Scratches!

Can’t Wait To Get Your Hand On These Amazing Products?

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It looks like the past has now become the future of flooring where linoleum comes into play. I hope you enjoyed discovering this overlooked flooring option as much as I have and I look forward to your questions and comments!

Thanks for Reading and until next time….. Happy Home and Flooring!

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2 Responses

  1. rita says:

    I bought linoleum and put it down on concrete slab it is collecting moisture and wont stick so what do I do what is the problem I would buy more cuz I love what I bought want to grout it but this is major problem!!!!!

  2. Ryan says:


    I would need to know the exact product you currently have in your home. Some times a dehumidifier will help with some of your moisture in your home. Also it could be the type of glue you used also. If you don’t mind sending the name of the material and glue I can trouble shoot and see if we can figure out what you need to do.



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