Considering Hardwood Flooring? 3 Important Questions to Ask Yourself

Hardwood flooring can really bring a home up to par when it comes to design and comfort. If you are considering this amazing floor, you are on the path to discovering a solid product that will change your homes appeal and functionality. So congratulations! But before you choose the right hardwood floor for you there are three important questions that you need to ask yourself. Today’s article will focus on the questions and depending on your answer, help you narrow down what type of hardwood flooring will work best for you!

Question 1: How much traffic do I have in my home?

This question is often not even spoken about when you are deciding on a hardwood, unless you have a very knowledgeable sales person helping you. Children are a factor in this answer as you will have to consider the traffic related to the everyday grind of playing all over the house.

Traffic is really a consideration that will allow you to make an educated decision on the species of wood that you should choose for your flooring. This is because certain woods have hardness levels higher than others. The harder the hard wood the better it will deal with everyday traffic. If you have a large amount of traffic you may also be inclined to go with a lighter colored hardwood. This will help make scraping and scratching less noticeable over time, allowing you to enjoy the polished look of your floor longer before having to refinish it. Also, stay away from glossy finishes with high shine qualities. They will show traffic much more in a busy household. Go traditional!

Question 2: What style of decor are you going for in your home?

This is also a very important consideration that you should make when it comes to flooring your home. Many installer tend to lead you in the direction of there choosing. This is because more than likely they are used to installing certain species of hardwood such as Oak, Elm, and Maple. It is not my intention to down they amazing products, just a warning that if you really want that Brazilian Cherry, do not let anyone talk you out of it. This is your flooring, and you will want to be happy with it over the long haul!

Besides a pushy installer the color of the wood will also factor into your overall success of the new flooring. Darker colors give off more of a comfortable and home-like feel, while lighter colors are more casual and contemporary. For formal settings such as a formal dining room, go darker! They give of a more traditional feel.

Question 3: Should I choose Solid or Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

This is a tough one to answer, but if you weigh out what you really want to achieve with your flooring, your discoveries will lead you to the right one for you.

Solid hardwood flooring is the original star of the show. It is made from a single piece of lumber and can be refinished many time throughout the years. We have solid hardwood floor with 50 year warranties in our store, which is quite remarkable considering floor warranties. One thing you should take into consideration is the climate you live in. Solid hardwood floors have a tendency to expand and contract during seasonal changes, in high humidity climates. This can lead to buckling and swelling in your flooring if not taken care of properly. Also, moisture soaks into solid hardwoods like a sponge! It is best to keep it away from areas of the home that have a lot of water in circulation, such as bathrooms, basements and kitchens.

Engineered hardwoods are excellent products as well. Because of the extra layers of added protection, it is just as durable as solid hardwoods. However where you have the major problems with moisture in a solid, you do not in engineered woods. They also will not buckle during seasonal changes. There is a downside however, because of the layered construction these floors can not be refinished like a solid hardwood can.

So when your in the market searching for a new hardwood floor, don’t forget to ask yourself these questions to assure a successful purchase that will last in your home.

Thanks for reading and as always: Until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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