What Carpet Matches Your Personality?

Today we are having a little fun with carpet selection. I’m going to suggest the perfect carpet for specific personalities and give my reasons why these choices will work great with them. Almost everyone has a hard time when it comes to making a huge decision, so let this article be your guide for deciding what carpet to choose for your home based on your personality.

Personality 1 – Casual Cathy

Casual Cathy’s favorite type of carpet would be a Textured Carpet. This type of floor covering is characterized by alternating twisted yarn that sometimes differ in color, giving the carpet a multi-toned look. It is great for hiding footprints during casual entertaining or family time.

Let leisure be the personality of your home with this amazing addition to your decor. You can put it just about anywhere in your home. These carpets are durable and kid friendly and you can find them priced right for any  budget.

Personality 2 – Elegant Ellie

Elegant Ellies love the finer things in life, and this reigns supreme in their homes especially. My carpet pick for this personality type is a Plush Saxony. Saxony carpets are perfect for formal entertaining and look absolutely stunning when paired with the appropriate styling. It has a smooth and soft feel to the touch.

If you have a lot of foot traffic this is not the carpet to choose, but Elegant Ellies tend to keep their carpet as foot free as possible. While this makes a beautiful floor, I would only suggest installing in rooms that see minimal visitation, such as bedrooms, dining rooms, or formal living room areas.

Personality 3 – Intelligent Izzy

An Intelligent Izzy likes a well designed and thought out type of floor covering. So my suggestion would be Carpet Tiles! Carpet tiles are incredibly easy to install and maintain. The smart part about it is that you can make your own designs and patterns. Also if you get a stain that just won’t come out, you can replace one tile and be done instead of replacing the entire area with wall to wall carpet.

Carpet tiles come in different types and textures so an Intelligent Izzy will be able to analyze and determine what will best work for them. I recommend laying these in most any room including the garage, with the exception of kitchens or bathrooms.

Personality 4 – Active Andy

If you are an Active Andy then you are always on the go! The best flooring choice for your personality will be a Berber carpet. Berbers are great for active households where you do not do a lot of laying around. They are durable and sleek. Because these carpets are typically low pile, feel free to exercise in your living room without worrying about slipping.

Many people hear the word Berber and automatically think cheap. While these are usually reasonably priced there is nothing really cheap about the quality or style that comes from choosing a Berber carpet. Put it anywhere in your home without worry.

Personality 5 – Comfortable Carl

Comfortable Carl loves to relax at home and enjoy the lounge life. My pick for Carl would be a Patterned Cut and Loop Pile carpet. This is a low profile carpet so it isn’t too fluffy and perfect for walking around in sock or with bare feet.

This is a very fashionable carpet right now, but more importantly the right pattern can make hiding stains or spills an easy job. Also they are incredible with handling a lot of foot traffic. Feel free to install these in any room where you occasionally sit on the floor and veg out for the afternoon.

I hope you enjoyed our personality carpet comparisons and we would love to hear what type of personality you identify with. Please let us know by commenting below. Thanks for reading and until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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