The Best Types of Flooring For Your Furry Friends!

Animals are a huge part of many families, and are increasingly becoming inside house guests rather than having a place in the yard. The type of flooring that you choose can either be a wonderful or terrible investment when it comes to you pets. So today we will be discussing the best types of flooring for pet owners!

I will list several types of flooring below and review them from a pet perspective:

Hardwood Flooring

It’s beautiful and traditional to homeowners, but when it comes to pets hardwood flooring may miss the mark. If you have had issues with your animals relieving themselves inside you need to know that urine is a hardwoods worst enemy. Not only does it stain the wood but it has a knack to leave a bad smell. Quick cleaning will not resolve the issue either, in most cases woods will absorb urine quickly, so it is not the front runner for an animal loving household.

Virginia Vintage Hickory - Anderson Solid Hardwood Flooring

Virginia Vintage Hickory – Anderson Solid Hardwood Flooring Hickory is an excellent option for keeping dents and scratches at bay because of its level of hardness.

Pets nails must also be trimmed relentlessly to prevent scratching if you choose this flooring option. With all this being said, cats would be a good pair for this type of flooring, as they typically use a litter box and there retractable claws won’t damage your flooring. Great for cats, not for dogs.

Laminate Flooring

The good news is that urine and scratching are less likely to occur with laminate flooring, however this type of flooring can lead to health problems in your animals. This is due to the fact that there is no traction for them when walking and they will slip and slide all over the place. It also causes you them to move there hips in unnatural ways to keep traction, and in the long-term can cause displacement problems in the hips and spine.

Fountainhead Lake - Shaw Laminate Flooring

Fountainhead Lake – Shaw Laminate Flooring                                                                    Textured laminates will help protect your pets from slipping and sliding.

A good suggestion is to go with a textured or embossed finish on the laminate flooring. Rugs would be a great option as well.

Bamboo Flooring

Because this flooring option is not technically hardwood, it’s properties aren’t very similar. It is harder than most hardwoods but it has an added ability to repel moisture. It will not absorb urine as quickly as traditional hardwoods do. This allows for clean up time and prevents the odors that can appear over time. It can also handle the foot traffic associated with pet play. Just keep the nails trimmed and you should be just fine.

Tile Flooring

This is great for pets, although it has a tendency to stay colder than other floors. Scratches are very hard to create in a tile floor. Use area rugs and beds for the pet so that you can allow them to have a warm surface to sleep on as well as traction. Accidents on the floor are also less of an issue than that of hardwood flooring.

Vinyl Flooring

While traditional sheet vinyl flooring doesn’t really cut it when it comes to scratching, a great option would be luxury vinyl tile or plank. I say this because they are actually very cost effective solutions to traditional tile or hardwood, but softer to the animal when laying down or walking.

Van Gogh - Karndean Luxury Vinyl Plank

Van Gogh – Karndean Luxury Vinyl Plank Awesome option for younger or older pets who have bladder issues!

Luxury vinyl tiles or planks will also come with great options in textures, giving them the traction that they need for healthy living. These floors are a joy to clean too because you do not have to worry about moisture absorption or odors seeping into the cracks. All around a great floor for pets!


Best for the pets health, but not so good with the wear and tear issue, as well as accidents. When the pet relieves itself on the carpet you can be sure that by the time you get to it, it is very possible that it has already penetrated the backing and fibers of the carpet. Also a pets nails, if not kept trimmed can cause tearing in the carpet.

Harry - Stanton Wool Carpet Runner

Harry – Stanton Wool Carpet Runner    Runners are an excellent choice for pets who have to climb stairs to prevent falls or slips.

On the lighter side of things however if you do not have a problem with long nails or bathroom breaks it is the healthiest option available for your animal buddies. The cushion like quality of a carpet will do wonders for an animals stride and allow for a warm and comfortable area.

The Final Thought

All things considered it is really up to the homeowner what type of flooring to choose and if you do the work on your pet such as frequent nails trimming, bathing, crate training, and strategically placed area rugs, you should have no problems going forward with any type of flooring.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I thank you for reading. I encourage you to leave any questions or comments below, or share your personal experience with your pets from a flooring perspective.

Until next time, Happy Flooring Everyone!

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