Sheet Vinyl Flooring is Perfect Solution for Busy Households!

Like many American families, we tend to spend a little more time at home than we used to.  Reason being, well its so expensive to take everyone out for a movie or restaurant. So what do we do at home? Make a mess, watching movies, cooking together, kids parties, family dinners, after practice snacks, video games, etc. The possibilities of making a mess in the home have grown exponentially since the economy turned! So why make cleaning it up Hard!?

Square Deal - Infinity Black and White - Sheet Vinyl Flooring By Tarkett

Square Deal – Infinity Black and White – Sheet Vinyl Flooring By Tarkett

In steps Sheet Vinyl Flooring, your solution to a busy household!

There are many reasons why I love sheet vinyl and I would like to share with you my take on this flooring. Don’t worry I won’t be biased, I will list a few disadvantages of this flooring type as well. Let’s face it nothing is perfect to the masses, just perfect for the individual.

Benefits of putting sheet vinyl in your home:

  • The styles today far surpass what one would expect a sheet vinyl to look like. You can find this flooring in just about any color, texture, style, or pattern. Options are a huge benefit to those individuals who have a certain design aesthetic that they are trying to achieve. You will find perfectly plausible applications for any room in your home.
  • The price of sheet vinyl is by far one of the least expensive that you will find on the flooring market. Now this being said, you need to realize that you get what you pay
    Rondin - Ambiente Fiber Floor - Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Flooring

    Rondin – Ambiente Fiber Floor – Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Flooring

    for where any flooring is concerned so don’t expect a vinyl that was bought for pennies on the dollar to last for 30 years.

  • Installation is just about as easy as you can get when it comes to flooring. Basically as long as you have a flat surface you can install it. There are even options available that require no adhesives, it just lays flat!
  • Clean up is a breeze, you do not have to worry about drying your floors after they have been mopped. Feel free to let it dry naturally. Also if you had a big mess, say mud tracks, it is as easy to clean up as taking a damp rag and wiping it up.

Nothing is perfect so here are a few disadvantages that you may come across:

  • While sheet vinyl is easy to clean up, scratching can be an issue with certain types
    Latina - Ambiente Fiber Floor - Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Flooring

    Latina – Ambiente Fiber Floor – Tarkett Sheet Vinyl Flooring

    of vinyl. If you share a house with rough tumblers who love to get very active in a home (just about any 4 to 16 year old) it may not be a good solution for you!

  • Warranties are somewhat less lengthy with sheet vinyl, so don’t expect a vinyl to last the life of the home. However with the proper care there is no reason why you will not even surpass the warranty with you chosen vinyl flooring.
  • Stains have a tendency to show with lighter colored vinyls, especially red, blue or green colors stains. So be extra careful with the juices and paints!

All and all, sheet vinyl is an amazing floor option for families that love to spend time together at home. If you are looking for style, charm, easy maintenance and functionality then this is the flooring for you.

I hope you enjoyed this blog and I can’t wait to here from you.

Until Next Time….Happy home and flooring!

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