New Stanton Woven and Shag Carpets Available at Georgia Carpet!

Thought you guys and gals might like a little bit of “Fresh on the Site” Stanton Woven, Wool and Shag Carpets. They are so beautiful they speak for themselves! They are all gorgeous and range in style, texture and color. If you love them, click on them, it will direct you to our page so you can get a sample!

Shaggy Medina – Stanton Woven Carpet

Constantine – Stanton Wool Carpet

Mondovi – Stanton Woven Carpet

Hendon – Stanton Woven Carpet

Fillmore – Stanton Woven Wool Carpet

Shaggelation – Stanton Shag Carpet

We will be adding a ton more next week, so keep checking the posts out!

As always thanks for reading and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Until Next time, Happy Home and Flooring from!

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