Best Affordable Floor Solutions: Cabin Grade Hardwood Flooring

On a budget, but can’t wait to get your hands on a rustic hardwood floor? Cabin grade hardwood flooring may be just what you are looking for. Today we will break down the benefits and answer the usual questions that one may ask. The best customer is one that has all the facts, so allow me to open your eyes to the big world of cabin grade flooring!

Tavern and Cabin Grade Flooring

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What makes a cabin grade hardwood plank?

Typically when you look at cabin or tavern grade hardwood flooring you are seeing the outer cuts of the tree closest to the bark. 1st Quality hardwood is usually imperfection free, while cabin grade is full of these stylish little flaws. You will not find anything more unique in the natural character of a plank than, this type of plank.

Cabin Grade Stock

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What kinds of imperfections are you talking about?

Let’s stop right there, and change imperfections to characteristics. Because cabin and tavern grades are from the outer edges of the core of the tree, you get character boosting elements in the wood, such as; knots, worm holes, and color variations. Wood cannot look more natural than this. It is a direct representation of the natural texture of the wood. Rugged beyond belief, but stylish at the same time. Just because it looks a little beat up, doesn’t mean it isn’t structurally sound. In fact, its strength is the same as that of its first quality counterpart.

What can I expect to pay for my cabin grade hardwood flooring?

Far less than you expected is what I say! When you compare it to other types of hardwood surfaces, cabin grade is the most economical. Because of the character and low price it is not common for retailers to offer any warranty when you purchase it. It is almost always, as is. Which is fine considering the amazing versatility that these amazing wood floors can offer a home. You will see various pricing depending on the specie of wood, but more than often you will pay more than 60% less.

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How much should I buy?

Lets start by adding up your total square footage. You need to factor in about 20 – 25% more than you need, because with cabin and tavern grade hardwoods there are always pieces that are just not usable. That being said, you know what you to expect up front. Sacrificing a little for an overall value sounds great to me though. Life’s a compromise no matter how you look at it!

Right now we are having a ton of specials on cabin and tavern grade hardwood flooring. If you are in the market, don’t pass up this consideration. It may be the single best decision you have made on home renovations.

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Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Until next time, happy home and flooring!

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