7 Simple Steps to Refinish your Hardwood Floors

No matter how amazing the hardwood flooring, it will eventually begin to wear and you will need to think about refinishing the surfaces. Today’s blog will focus on refinishing your hardwood floors by yourself. DIY is a money saving tactic as well as a great hobby. No need to pay for what you can do yourself, plus the feeling of accomplishment that you will get is awesome!

Seven Simple Steps to Refinishing you Hardwood Floors:

Step 1:

Sand the floors down until you have reached bare wood using a floor sander and edge sander. Both of these items can be rented from your local big box home stores. It helps a lot to vacuum between your sanding runs, this will cut down on dust and give you a more polished and even surface area.

Step 2:

Once the area has been sanded to your satisfaction, dampen a cloth with mineral spirits and wipe up any excess dust or debris.

Step 3:

Take a four inch paint brush and apply a base coat of sealer around the edges of the floor.


Step 4:

Use a “synthetic floor finishing applicator” and evenly coat the floor with base coat sealant. Begin in the middle of the room work your way out. Be careful not to seal yourself into a corner! After you have completed this task, let it dry for two hours.

Step 5:

Grab a new paintbrush and a new synthetic applicator and apply a top coating of water based polyurethane to the floor using the same application method described earlier.

Step 6:

Give it two more hours to dry and then apply a second coat and allow it to dry.

Step 7:

One more time you know the drill! Allow it to dry and you have a beautifully refinished floor that will bring you a ton of enjoyment!

Those are the steps, now here are some tips to take this from DIY level to professional level.

Tip 1: Prep!

This will give you a much cleaner outcome to the finished result. Before you begin sanding your floors, make sure it is clean enough to eat off of. Sweep, Vacuum and mop before beginning. A dirty floor can create a really bad sanding job. Make sure it is dry before beginning.

Tip 2: Keep down the dust!

Sanding is one of the dirtiest jobs when flooring comes into play. Close all of the furnace fans in the home. Windows and doors should be closed off, so if you have an open doorway, you should hang a sheet so that dust does not spread throughout your home.

Tip 3: Use Professional grade tools.

The right tools for the job will make all the difference in the world. If you are sanding a floor with a hand sander the result will be uneven, and it will show once the finish is complete. And don’t forget to wear a mask while sanding, these microscopic particles could cause some serious damage to your lungs if you breathe them in. Safety First!

Tip 4: Light Coating.

The typical way we like to get things done is quickly. But if you decide to over coat your layers you will wind up with a hardwood floor that is way darker than you originally intended. Coat lightly, and if it is not dark enough by the final dry, you can always do it again. On the flip side if it is too dark your only option will be to start over completely.

Tip 5: The turtle always wins this race!

Take your time and don’t rush it. It is human nature to speed through any process that requires a moderate amount of time. Mistakes happen when we don’t take our time. So slow down, and take a breather if you become overwhelmed.

Well, that wraps up refinishing hardwood flooring. I hope that this helped and thank you for reading. If you have any questions, comments or feedback I would be very obliged to receive them so that I can further help you in the process.

Until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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