10 Different Types of Carpet: The Mini Carpet Type Dictionary

Considering that most of us do not have a pocket dictionary specifically for shopping for different types of carpet, I have decided to make a mini guide about it. With so many to choose from, and so little time in the day for research and shopping around, use this handy guide to bring up the facts when you need it!

1) Woven Carpet

This type of carpet is produced on a loom, and can be compared to how woven clothing material can be made. Different colors of yarns are used together to make beautiful patterns. This is typically a very high quality carpet and tends to be a little on the expensive side, but absolutely stunning and well worth it.

2) Tufted Carpet

Produced on tufting machines by using colors or even non colored yarns. Believe it or not, these carpets can be dyed or printed after the actual carpet is bound. Now this is a broad definition of a carpet, as carpet can also be cut pile, loop pile or even a combination of the two. Usually these are less expensive because the production cost is not to taxing, especially because the machines used can produce a lot more at a time.

3) Saxony Carpet

The carpet is made by tightly twisting the cut piles so that they can be heat set to where they remain straight. This is an extremely soft carpet, reserved for a more casual atmosphere. Because they are so soft and pliable you can expect to see footprints where you have stepped.

4) Textured Saxony Carpet

You will see this type of carpet in many homes. It is just as soft as a saxony is, but it can be produced in multiple colored yarns. This gives you less visible footprints and vacuum marks. The have an average durability rating.

5) Berber Carpet

This is what you will find in a lot of new construction. It is very modern and stylish, containing small flecks of different shades of the same color, ranging from light to dark. Patterns are very uncommon with berber, and it is relatively inexpensive and durable. This is a great carpet for property management.

6) Plush Carpet

This is a lightly twisted carpet that tends to come in uniform colors. Incredibly soft! Texture in this carpet is not common, and you will see an increase of weight in ounces if you look at specs. The greater the weight to more plush it is.

7) Frieze Carpet

Twisted is its middle name, because it is know for its tightly twisted cut pile. This carpet is great for high traffic areas of a home and will never show foot prints with the proper care. More on the expensive side, many find this type of carpet well suited for area rugs.

8) Level Loop Pile Carpet

This carpet is manufactured by weaving loops of yarn into carpet backing at both sides. So the yarn will always be a loop. It is durable and resistant to wear because of the loop strength. The length of the loops will vary depending on the kind you are looking at, and the longer they are the more beautiful the carpet becomes. Moderately priced.

9)  Cut and Loop Pile Carpet

This is a mixture of both loop yarn and cut yarn. It will cater to a variety of textures and styles. This will come in both solid and multi color combinations. Many of the modern carpets are made in this way to pull off patterns without compromising rich solid colors. Very durable and hides soil well. Moderately priced.

10) Flatweave

This is made by interlocking warp and weft threads. Think of this type of carpet when you see an “Oriental Woven Rug,” beautiful tapestry like area rugs with intricate patterns and colors. One of the most popular choices for a more regal and old world look. Expect to pay a higher price for this exceptional piece of floor art!

I hope this shed a little light on the different types of carpet available to you. I thank you for reading, and ask that you please leave any comments or questions below so that I can respond as soon as possible.

Until next time, Happy Home and Flooring!

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