Seasons Change and So Do Trends, Adapt with Shaw Area Rugs

Wait, what is that? Do you feel a breeze?

You know what that means, Fall is in the air!

The seasonal changes have officially begun, children are returning to school and you are getting a little relief from an incredibly hot summer, I know I am.

Why not bring the changes inside as well with a new Shaw Area Rug?

Many people get into the decorating of their yards around fall and while this is super fun it is also the time to stay current with home décor. In this article I’m going to share with you a few of my Fall Favorite’s Shaw Area Rugs. All of these rugs are incredibly comfortable and protect your hard surface flooring, and lets face it, they keep you warm when relaxing.

So here are 5 Beautiful and Current Shaw Area Rugs for Fall:

Umber from the Encore Collection

Umber Shaw Area Rug

This beautiful rug is absolutely perfect when it comes to the fall season palette. Rustic and Inspiring.

Maple from the Impressions Collection

Maple Shaw Area Rug

A more modern approach to a traditional print with a hint of purple to spice it up a bit. The maple leaves are simply perfect for Fall.

Mandara from the Encore Collection

Mandara Shaw Area Rug

This is another from the Encore Collection. I love the lines and autumn colors mixed with the plush carpet. Feels great between you toes!

Corsica from the Mirabella Collection

Corsica Shaw Area Rug

Modern, Elegant, Sophisticated. What about this rug doesn’t scream fall? Geometric shapes keep the background interesting, while the leaves pop.

And Finally,

Algiers from the Collection Mirabella

Algiers Shaw Area Rug

The leaves are changing outside, so why not inside? The definition of Fall! Unexpected colors really make this rug shine.

Thanks for stopping by to see some amazing Shaw Area Rugs meant for Fall, If you would like to see more Simply Click Here to view all of our area rugs! If you would like to comment or even suggest your own season changing design ideas, I can’t wait to hear them!

Yours Truly,

Tommie from

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