Interesting Facts about Mannington Flooring


Adura-Seaside-Mannington-Luxury-Vinyl-Tile-FlooringMannington flooring has been in the business since 1915 and continues to operate under the fourth generation of family members.

What seemed like a small business venture in 1915; Mannington flooring quickly became one of the most recognizable companies in the flooring business. And 95 years later, the company still values honesty, hard work, and family. The employees that work at Mannington floors today still operate under the same principles that founders; John Boston Campbell and his sons, Neil and Kenneth believed in. It was under their leadership, that Mannington blossomed into one of the most recognizable companies in the flooring industry.


It is through this fourth generation of family that Mannington continues to meet the needs of today’s customers. From an idea of producing vinyl flooring in 1915, this company has had an enormous amount of success. Today, Mannington flooring is a multi-national corporation and produces vinyl flooring, hardwood, porcelain tile, as well as beautiful laminate flooring. Through a lot of sweat and tears, this company has become what it is today.

Through the years, several catastrophic events could have ended Mannington, as we know it today. This faith based company has survived The Great Depression, two World Wars, as well as a snow related roof collapse at their Mannington Commercial headquarters in Calhoun, Georgia. Through the thick and thin, Mannington Floors has also weathered several economic downturns. This company has proven that if you work hard, you will be rewarded.


Mannington flooring has received multilple awards in the flooring industry. Many styles and patterns have earned them special recognition. Mannington Mills is also proud to be the proud holders of the title of The Best Flooring Manufacturer for several years. By working hard to do the right thing, Mannington Mills continues to be recognized as a leader in the flooring industry.

describe the imageIn 2008, Mannington expanded with the purchase of Burke Industries. Burke is a manufacturer of high-quality resilient products, which includes rubber flooring tiles, wall base, and the like. With the fourth generation of John Boston Campbell, at the reigns, this only enhances what Mannington can offer their customers.

Mannington is one of the most environmentally responsible companies in the business today. More than 2 acres of solar arrays sit on top of the roof at the New Jersey warehouse, which happens to be the largest solar array in the flooring industry. These solar panels produce more than 700 megawatt hours of clean energy. During 2008, Mannington’s plant in Georgia reduced water consumption by 30% in the carpet manufacturing facilities. By being responsible corporate citizens, Mannington Mills continues to be a good neighbor and genuinely care about enivronmental issues which impact each of us on a daily basis.

Laminate flooring, manufactured at Mannington is made of 70% recycled materials. Again, just another way that this fourth generation company continues to be a good partner, in regards to our environment. Mannington flooring is also proud of the fact that Mannington laminate is the only laminate certified for Floor Score, which guarantees good air quality in your home. From tile looks to wood looks, Mannington laminate will really spice up the décor in your home. With more than two dozen awards in the last two years, Mannington laminate flooring is a winner.

I hope you enjoyed this overview of Mannington Flooring as a company, I look forward to your comments and questions. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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