Great Tips on Choosing the Right Carpet Pad for your New Carpet

describe the imageHave you spent hours and hours going through the thousands of carpet styles and colors? When you finally find one, what is your next step? Carpet pad of course! This option that many do not consider, is often overlooked and you wind up with the most basic padding for carpet available. In this blog we will go in depth into everything that you need to consider when finding the right carpet pad for your new carpet.

To better make a decision on the right carpet padding, you must first know why you need it.

  • Carpet padding is designed to help the floor more comfortable. It puts a little extra cushion in your step. What would be the point of having soft beautiful carpet if it were hard as a rock directly underneath?
  • It is also designed to make your new carpet selection last much, much longer. Without the proper padding it will wear much faster, prompting you to replace it much sooner than expected.
  • Sound reduction is yet another very beneficial quality of placing padding under you carpeting. If you have children that love to play or just a heavy walker in an upstairs bedroom, this is the way to go.
  • Moisture barriers are the highlight of certain carpet pads. It helps the carpet stay fresh and dry, allowing you to clean up any unwanted liquids from lingering past the surface of your carpet and making a home in your subfloor.


Solar Synthetic Carpet PadA lot of times when we are replacing carpet, people tend to think that they can reuse their old padding from the previous installation once they pull the carpet up. Take my advice, DO NOT DO THIS! New carpet padding is of upmost importance when dropping money on a new floor. Just because it looks like new after years of use it is more than likely worn out to the point that it will no longer benefit the carpet itself.

Carpet pad comes in many different densities and is made of three main material including foam, rubber, and fiber.

Foam Padding – this comes in 3 different types and is normally used in a commercial setting. It is generally made of foam scraps that are leftover from remnants of pad manufacturing and various recycled materials.

Rubber Padding – two types here, waffled and flat. The flat version is used for mainly in commercial setting and the waffled version for residential application. Why? The waffled version is incredibly comfortable to walk on. Rubber padding is also anti-microbial and doesn’t gas off Voc’s.

Star Carpet PadFiber Padding – these are made from both natural and synthetic fibers that can also be made in just about any density required. You need to check the density to see if it will handle your individual traffic needs. So thicker padding in hallways and family rooms is always a good idea.


If you use a wheel chair I will warn you that carpet padding that is too cushiony to the touch may make it hard to get around your home, it can also contribute to tearing the fiber and backing of the carpeting. So go with a less cushiony padding for better mobility and overall carpet health.

That’s all of the information I have on choosing a carpet pad that is right for your new carpet. If you have any questions please feel free to leave a comment, and I will do my best to answer as swiftly as possible. Until next time, Happy Flooring!



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  1. Lauren Woodley says:

    Thank you for all the insight about the different types of pads; I wasn’t aware that there were actually three different kinds. You talk about how the waffled rubber padding is actually very comfortable to walk on. Since I’m planning on replacing my carpet in the next couple of months, I’ll definitely looking into this material more seriously and see if it’s something that would be reasonable for my home. Thanks for sharing!

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