Going Green with Seagrass Carpet: Sustainable Fashion!

Seagrass Sisal Stanton Carpet

Beautiful, Elegant, and Easy on Mother Earth!

Have you ever thought about the environmental impact of your flooring? Well at Georgia Carpet we take our environmental footprint seriously. Seagrass carpet is a great way to get amazing flooring without harming the environment.

So what is so great about it?

Seagrass doesn’t actually come from the sea like its name eludes. Surprisingly enough, it is grown for products much like a rice paddy. This is a field that has to be flooded by water during its crop cycle. So you can see how the name can be a little confusing and on point at the same time. One of the most amazing thing about seagrass is the fact that it is virtually impermeable to moisture. When the fiber are spun, they are done so in a way that makes it very resistant to stains and dirt. It was originally called “seagrass matting,” because in the past it was sewn into small tiles that you would lay down yourself to form your floor. Thankfully modern production technologies have created the ability to bring you a wall to wall carpet form.

Seagrass Sisal Carpet Stanton

You can get it with slight variations in color to achieve an organic color scheme.

Seagrass can be mixed with other natural fibers for added strength and durability making it one of the best indoor to outdoor carpets on the market.

The environmental footprint of seagrass into carpet production is virtually non-existent. Considering the fact that it has an impeccable record when it comes to sustainability, it is hard not to jump on the green band wagon when it looks this amazing. It has amazing insulation properties for your home as well, so expect a lower energy bill.

When you are switching your flooring, seagrass carpet is easily recyclable, further contributing to its environmental properties.

The Benefits of Seagrass Carpet are substantial:

      • Highly sustainable.
      • 100% Biodegradable.
      • Non-Toxic, Anti-Static, and Antibacterial.
      • Moth and Rot resistant, so Hello Patio!
      • Repels dust mites through natural tannins, for you allergy sufferers
      • It absorbs moisture in the air, so great if you live in an area with high humidity or need to cut down on the humidity in your home. Amazingly enough it will re-release the moisture if the air quality is too dry, so it acts as a regulator.
      • Incredible Insulation and Noise Reduction.
Seagrass Carpet

Gorgeous inside and outside!

Current trends have really focused on sustainable flooring and we encourage you to check out the many options available. Click here to browse our selection of this environmentally flooring.

Thanks for reading and I hope you learning a bit more about Seagrass Carpet. Until next time, Happy home and flooring!

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