Best Money Saving Tips When Installing Laminate Floors

Saving money is important to all of us. As a direct result i’m always looking for fast and cheap solutions to improving the quality of my home. Today I’m going to share my tips to installing Laminate floors without breaking the bank. Many people don’t realize the cost of installing a floor professionally, until it is too late. So I like to advocate the ease of installing a laminate floor yourself.

This article isn’t based on teaching you how to install yourself, solely because the flooring that you choose will have guidelines and instructions that you should follow during installation so that you will not accidentally void your warranty. Follow these, and use the tips below to assure efficient installation.

Tips to Cheap and Easy Laminate Floor Installation:


Chain stores love to get as much money out of you as possible. This is why it is important to understand how to measure for a new floor. Don’t let them talk you into having them do the measuring for you, this could add additional charges to your purchase.

Measuring how much floor can be difficult to comprehend for the first time buyer. Simply measure the length and width of the room’s walls, next multiply them together (equation: Length x Width = Sq. Feet) Laminate flooring is always sold by the box. The box should indicate how many square feet are in the box. No laminate is ever perfect, so it is smart to add 20% to the total square feet so you do not run out and have to find some more. You can always bring the extra back that is not used.

Tools you will Need

Surprisingly there will not be an incredible amount of renting going on, you will only need a few staple items for the task. Make sure you have access to a table saw, so you can cut and rip in a timely fashion. A saber saw is a good idea if the floor has a good amount of air vents to cut around. Don’t forget the tape measure, hammer, pencil, and a small hand saw.

Choose the right Laminate flooring!

Many people strictly go on what they believe is aesthetically pleasing. But your visual palette can result in a floor that will not stand the test of time if you are not careful, and replacing is far from cost effective. Higher quality laminates will benefit you more than pretty surface.

Repair your existing floors and underlayment yourself.

Uneven subfloors are horrible to install on. My suggestion is to repair any damaged subflooring before you begin the process of installation. Go cheaper with plywood boards as underlayment instead of the cushy stuff. It will give you a flat surface to work on, and you will not have that squishy feeling when you walk on it. Gives it a more, “real wood” feel. That being said, you will add lifetime to your floors if you go with traditional underlayment.

Move everything out of the way before hand.

You would not believe the laminate flooring installation that I have seen where people are simply pushing the furniture around the room as they are laying it. Common sense doesn’t always happen when trying something new, so do yourself a favor and remove anything and everything from the room before you start laying the planks.

Start with a wall with less cutting required.

When you make mistakes, and you will, ( don’t worry everyone does,) some may lose the confidence to continue with DIY installation. So, start with an easy wall requiring less cutting. This will give you the opportunity to get started and get the hang of simple cutting before getting discouraged when you make a mistake. Positive DIY!

Don’t be afraid of the Ripping!

Ripping is cutting a board lengthwise, instead of side to side. Your last row will more than likely need to be ripped unless your the “Rain Man” of first time installation. It can be difficult but I find that it helps to draw a line from end to end. Don’t try to just mark line points, this is a recipe for disaster for the unseasoned carpenter. It as anything else just takes practice.

Finally, Don’t get discouraged.

It may seem at one point that a certain task or obstacle is beyond your ability, it is not. Before you are personally defeated remind yourself of the hundreds that you are saving by doing it yourself. This should spark a bit of encouragement and allow you to focus on the task.

“Where there is a will, there is a way!”

I hope that these tips will encourage you to get out there and give it your best shot! Saving money on Laminate flooring installation is always good, especially for those of us in this decade. Thanks for reading and I hope this helps. Happy home and flooring from Georgia Carpet Ind.

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