5 Awesome Reasons to Choose Stainmaster Carpet

Tuftex-Fine-Memory-FoamYou love your carpet, but you hate the fact that the slightest little liquid can make or break its beautiful color. With Stainmaster Carpet not only will you be able to have the cake, but you will be able drink and eat on it too! In this article I will give you my top 5 reasons for choosing a Stainmaster carpet.

Reason One: Its Amazing Stain Protection!

This carpet was developed for you with the intention of giving you the most stain resistance on the market where carpet is concerned. The fibers have been designed to mimic the self-cleansing properties of a lotus flower. And just like the flower, any moisture or dirt is dutifully repelled from the fibers, instead of altering the overall look and feel. Cleaning up after a messy accident has never been easier or more efficient.

Tuftex-Katmandu-CarpetReason Two: Static-Free!

The static shock from wearing rubber soled shoes is never great. Especially if you have little ones running around the house opening metal door knobs! Well with Stainmaster carpet enjoy shock free living. The fibers have been engineered to eliminate any static electric buildup associated with friction.

 Reason Three: Tactesse Nylon!

Nylon 6,6 is the fiber that makes a Stainmaster carpet. Even the shapes of the nylon strands are patented and they add to the texture, durability and the stain fighting properties of the carpet in a whole.

Reason Four: The Crushing Resistance!

Tuftex-These-Dreams-CarpetWe all love to get in a cleaning mood sometimes. This means moving furniture or redesigning a room, which is not usually okay when it comes to plush carpets. Stainmaster, however comes with crush resistance qualities. This means that if it is smashed, twisted, or crushed it will always go back to its original shape after a steam cleaning.

Reason Five: The Backing!

In addition to making the top of the carpet look cleaner and last longer, Stanimaster technology is also employed in the carpet padding. Traditional padding will soak up water stains that seep through the carpet, even allowing the subfloor to become wet and damaged. Stainmaster padding, on the other hand, is engineered with the Hytrel breathable moisture barrier to protect the subfloor as well as aid in releasing the spill during machine extraction.

The result is a carpet that not only looks clean, but smells clean as well. Pet accidents and spills that reach the padding of a carpet often create lasting odors that are eliminated by the Stainmaster technology.

I hope you found these reasons beneficial to you as well as I did. Don’t wait, get more information on Stainmaster Carpet today! Until next time, Happy Flooring!



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