10 Irresistible Reasons To Go With Bamboo Flooring

Strand-Woven-Bamboo-FlooringNot often do you get beauty from something that is environmentally sound, but today we are going to show you just what an eco friendly floor can look like. I’m talking about Bamboo Flooring, one of the most beautiful choices in hardwood flooring, if I do say so myself.  Where else can you find such an interestingly spotted grain in wood, but it is not actually wood but grass.

I’ve decided to write this article with the intension of giving you 10 reasons why bamboo flooring will make an excellent floor covering choice for you and your home. I have broken it up into 2 categories of interest; Environmental properties and practicality.


Environmental Attributes

1)  Extremely renewable natural resource

Any resource that is considered renewable is a natural resource, this makes all hardwood flooring renewable resources. But the difference between hardwood and bamboo is simple. Typically a hardwood source will take around 20 to 120 years to mature to the point of being able to be put through the manufacturing process. Renewable yes, but at a considerably longer maturity rate than that of Bamboo. Bamboo flooring only takes about 3-5 year to come to maturity. Making this an extremely renewable resource.

Vertical-Bamboo-Flooring2)  Sustainability

Many times flooring companies claim that they have incredibly sustainable products, however this is a very loosely thrown around phrase. But for true sustainability one must consider the entire process of growth and regeneration. Bamboo is one of the only floor covering choices that fits the definition of sustainability.

3)  Low VOCs

Air quality is at the forefront of considerations when purchasing a new floor for many families. Bamboo floors boast very low levels of chemical emissions. But not all companies are looking for the bottom line of air pollutants in the home. So make sure the manufacturer of your bamboo flooring is true to the nature of this amazing natural resource.

4)  Allergy Relief

You will be very happy to know, especially if you are one of the millions of Americans that suffer from allergies, that bamboo is a hypoallergenic resource.



5)  Strength

As with many hardwood floors, bamboo is an incredibly strong and durable product. Did you know that it has a stronger tensile strength than that of steel? Tensile strength is based on the max stress that any certain item can handle before snapping. So the true strength of the bamboo actually lies in its amazing flexibility.

Mohawk-Pacific-Bamboo-Flooring6)  Simple Installation

This floor will typically come in planks just like many hardwood flooring products today. Just because the material itself is unique does not mean that it is more difficult to install.

7)  Affordability

Many may associate an exotic species of wood with something more expensive. I’m here to tell you otherwise, you see bamboo is really no more expensive than most common hardwood species such as oak, maple and pine. Also it is becoming more and more possible to get low pricing on bamboo if you simply shop around and look for deals.

8)  Fire Resistant

Now that is not something that you hear every day. How do we make fires? We burn wood of course. So how does this add up, it is simple. Bamboo is not wood , it is grass and so naturally fire resistant.

9)  So Simple to Clean

You can be more relaxed when it comes to cleaning these floors. They naturally resist stains and require no special waxing or what not. Just treat it like any old hardwood and you will be just fine.

10)  Moisture resistant

One of the best things about any hardwood surface flooring is the ability to resist moisture. This can make or break any installation of hardwood depending on the location of the application. But great news, this is the best of the best when it comes to water resistance. You see it has natural qualities that repel water much like the feathers of a duck.

I hope that you enjoyed this little journey through bamboo floorings rich qualities and unbeatable attributes. It is truly irresistible in my opinion. Thanks for reading and I can’t wait to read your comments and questions. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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