What is the Best Kind of Bedroom Carpet?

Godfrey-Hirst-Wool-Bedroom-CarpetAfter a spending a while going through literally thousands of options and choices of carpet for your bedroom, you can begin to feel a little on the confused side. Today my blog will focus on what you need to know and what to look for, when it comes to choosing the correct bedroom carpet.


Let’s start with what will probably have the most impact on the look and feel of your bedroom, the Carpet’s Style. I have 4 recommendations:

  • Textured
  • Frieze
  • Cable
  • Cut andLoop

These are all very common styles for carpeting. All are actually considered cut pile carpets and they have been created by using different techniques. Textured is constructed of yarns that have been twisted alternately, producing a two toned look. They don’t show a lot of footprints or markings from vacuum cleaners.

The next type was a Frieze carpet, another cut pile. In its’ construction the yarn is twisted so much that it actually twists over itself. It appears like a textured carpet, but the construction makes it perform well and it makes it durable.

Adaptation-Shaw-Anso-Cut-and-Loop-Bedroom-CarpetNext up is Cable carpeting, this is created by thicker and longer yarns than the two previous styles. Bare foot walking feels incredible on this type of carpet, because of its soft and comfortable characteristics.

And finally we have Cut and Loop carpets, these are mad by blending loop fibers and cut pile fibers that combine to achieve patterns in the carpet. Typically low profile carpeting but they perform incredibly and tend to stay more fashion forward for a longer period of time.



I could go into the differences of light and dark carpeting and explain how it will affect the lighting or how big the space will appear, but I’m not going to. While these are proven methods, it should not be this complicated, and you could also miss out on design ideas that could be potentially incredible. My advice is to choose a few colors, get samples, and test how they will look as your bedroom carpet at very times of the day. You will want to do it in the morning, lunch, afternoon, evening and night time. This will allow you to see what color will best suit the room anytime of day.



Spending the right amount of money on your flooring is always a challenge. I suggest that you do your research before making any rash decisions. Many times if you look around for a bit at various retailers, it is possible to find the exact same bedroom carpets for less. One helpful hint would be to remember that carpets are usually priced by the square yard and adversely other types of flooring such as hardwood and laminate are typically priced by the square foot. If you would like to convert square feet to square yards simply divide it by nine!



My last suggestion when carpeting a bedroom would be to get the best padding that you can find. Yes this can make things a bit more expensive on the budget, but the advantages of a thicker padding are tremendous. Not only will your carpet feel much more comfortable to walk on but it will provide better insulation, sound reduction, and it will keep your carpet from stressing as much adding to its overall life span.

I hope that this helped you in your journey to find the perfect bedroom carpet. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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