Wall to Wall Carpet or Carpet Tiles, Which is Right for You?

Stanton Woven Carpet Middlesex Straw CarpetWhich should you choose? For many this can be a tough decision. Both have some incredible qualities and both are beneficial to a home in their own way. People used to see carpet tiles as an outdated flooring concept, but today advanced features and technologies have been developed and that 1970’s tile is a thing of the past. Wall to wall carpeting has seen some significant changes as well.

In this blog we will break down what benefits each have as well as a few low marks so as to remain unbiased. Remember though, there is no wrong or right choice. Both are excellent products, this is not a comparison, it is merely about giving you the information so that you can make the best decision for your individual needs.

So without further adieu let us jump right into it!

Wall to wall carpet helps to reduce sound in your home and directly contributes to insulation. Because of its sound reducing qualities it is perfect for a children’s play room or upstairs bedroom. There are many textures, styles and color choices available with wall to wall carpeting.


Pros of Traditional Carpet:

  • Insulates very well, reducing your electric bill is always a great thing!
  • Noise Reduction is a major benefit to any home in need of relaxing evenings.
  • So many choices in design and colors.
  • Priced for everyone. Today wall to wall carpeting can have quality for a price that you wouldn’t expect if you know where to look.
  • Very soft and comfortable!

 Cons of Traditional Carpet:

  • Maintenance and Care can be a bit taxing for high traffic homes.
  • Spills penetrate the backing of the carpet, making it almost impossible to get completely dry.
  • Replacing carpet is hard because you basically have to replace the entire room for just one stained area.


On the Flip Side!

Shadow-Shaw-Carpet-TileCarpet tiles have had a comeback in recent years, sporting great designs and incredible DIY ability. This is something that you can lay down entirely by yourself if you wanted to. Businesses have also seen huge benefits from modern tiles, making it easy to repair on the fly problems.


Pros of Carpet Tile:

  • Easily Installed, this is one of the easiest DIY projects you will ever do.
  • Very Affordable, you can find these for a fraction of what you pay for other flooring options.
  • Okay insulation and noise reduction, while this is better than most hardsurface flooring, it is not as good as traditional carpeting.
  • More design options for less, you can buy different carpets and make your own designs rather than being stuck with just one.
  • Can be replaced easily, just pull it up and lay another down.



Cons of Carpet Tile:

  • Cheaper tiles can be uncomfortable for a home application.
  • Faster wearing.
  • Less options in texture.


All and all both are great options for many different applications. There is no one right way or wrong way to go in this decision. So take your time and above all choose what you like the most. If we focus to hard on the specifications we could miss out on the fun factor. Until next time, Happy Flooring!



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