Tips on How To Prepare for DIY Vinyl Plank Flooring Installation

Adura-Country-Oak-LockSolid-Mannington-Luxury-Vinyl-Plank-FlooringInstalling vinyl plank flooring is very simple, so simple that it is one of its greatest selling points. Not only will you save money buy purchasing this very durable flooring option, but you will be able to install it yourself. Because there are several brands and collections of different types of this amazing floor, there are also various ways to install it. Unfortunately there is no one way, in fact I would strongly suggest that you stick to the manufacturers installation guidelines, so in this how to blog we will guide you through the preparation of your installation, so when you get to that unforeseen issue,(if it exists at all) you will have already taken the proper precautions.


The Sub Floor

Preparing a sub floor properly is the most important step of any flooring installation. If it is not done correctly it can cause your floors to bulge in areas. Simply remove all the areas that would create an unleveled installation surface. Example: a clump of dried adhesive from an earlier installation may make a lump in your new flooring if it is not scraped and sanded.


Adura-Ashford-Walnut-Mannington-Luxury-Vinyl Plank-FlooringEven Tones

Before you install your vinyl plank flooring, I would go through the boxes and mix them up a bit. Many times your floors will vary slightly in shade and if you mix it up a bit, it is not even noticeable.



Manufacturer’s Guidelines

Read it twice before moving forward. I know it can be a pain, but if you expect to get the best out of your flooring it never helps to follow the guidelines. Make sure to pay attention to recommended adhesives, I would always suggest using these over a bargain adhesive. By following the guidelines you will also assure that you are not going to void your warranty, and if something does go wrong with your floor, this will come in very handy.


Adura-Colibah-Burlwood-LockSolid-Mannington-Luxury-Vinyl-Plank-FlooringAccurate Measurements

Plank layout is a very important aspect of getting the best installation possible. Be sure to get precise measurements. The proper plank layout is key to the success of the installation. The centerline measurement is your most important, make sure that it will result in a perpendicularly level line to your walls.


Roll That Floor

Before reattaching the baseboards, make sure to use an industrial weighted roller. This will release any excess air that may have been trapped during the installation. Many people forego this step and wind up with a bubbly floor.


Well those are all the suggestions I have for now, because all vinyl plank flooring has different installation methods it will take a bit to get the individual product installations up. If you need information on a certain type please let me know by asking on the blog and I will be more than happy to make that my next entry. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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