Things to Consider When Choosing Living Room Carpet

Lake-Zebra-Stanton-Print-CarpetDeciding on a living room carpet that will fit your personal style and have great functionality can be a hard task. With so many different choices, who is to say what is the right answer, and what is the wrong one. Well the truth of the fact is that there is no definitive answer, because not everyone is looking for the same thing in a living room carpet. So rather than steering you toward a specific kind or type of carpet, I have written this blog to give you some thing to think about when making this decision, as well as a few guidelines.

First off you will need to think about the colors, the amount of light, and the space of the room. These will always be unique to your personal tastes. Most of it however will depend on the fact of if the room already has a design or if you are starting from scratch.


Color Coordination

It is very important to have a different color of carpet than that of the color of the walls of your living room. Unless you match it exactly, you will be able to notice the differences in the shades of a like color. I would suggest that you choose a color in the same palette that your walls are. I have actually had a few people bring a color sample of their living room walls and we were able to determine the palette by the sample.

If you don’t have any colors you are in luck, the possibilities are endless when starting from scratch!



This is a very giant part of how your carpet will appear in your living room. Lighting has an incredible effect on how your carpet will look in your home. You may have chosen an incredible color at the store, but if you do not get a sample and test it, your carpet may look dramatically different when you install it.

It is also very important to remember that showroom lighting is purposely brighter so that customers can see the full potential of a carpet. However homes aren’t typically set up for such extravagant lighting.

When you take a sample home and test it you will get a feel for how your carpet will appear at different times of the day, doing this will help you come to a well thought out decision before making a very large purchase.


Stanton-Serpentine-Snake-Print-CarpetThe Size of the Room

Yes, it does matter. Depending on the size of your room different colors and textures of carpet can make the difference in a massive space or a cozy corner. Follow these quick guidelines to make the best possible decision:

  • Lighter colorations with low piles will make rooms appear larger.
  • Dark colorations with higher piles will adversely make the room feel smaller.
  • Lighter colorations will reflect light making your room brighter all together
  • Darker colorations will absorb light making lamps and track lighting look amazing.
  • Warm colorations like earth tones will stimulate your energy levels
  • Cooler colorations like greens and blues will have a calming affect


Do not take this so literally that you have to follow my suggestions to a “T.” It will actually fall on you to achieve the overall happiness that you are looking for in your design aesthetic. While these suggestions are good, it really boils down to what you like and feel comfortable with. I hope this helped you come up with a solution to this design conundrum, and you are on your way to finding the living room carpet of your dreams! Until next time, Happy Flooring!



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