Steam Cleaning Your Hardwood and Laminate Flooring Is Bad!

Natural-Values-II-Shaw-Laminate-FlooringI know you have seen it on television, perhaps a late night infomercial or magazine article. Steam cleaning is all the rage, but this is a disaster waiting to happen. I know the commercials and advertisements make it seam easy and care free, but the fact of the matter is, is that laminate and hardwood surfaces for that matter respond very poorly to moisture and heat. In this blog article we will discuss the dangers of this new hard surface cleaning fad.

If you look in your warranty you will find that most hardwood and laminate manufactures stress that excessive moisture damage is hardly ever covered by your warranty. With that being said, how in the world could you steam clean a laminate floor?


It is a fact that steam cleaning will ruin your laminate flooring!

Grosvenor-Square-Mohawk-Laminate-FlooringYou see, humidity is the enemy. Don’t get turned around because the quality of your laminate is high and it boasts great moisture resistance. While this seems an amazing statement, you have to distinguish that moisture resistant is not moisture proof! Most of laminate is made with fiber cores, this core will expand when moisture comes into contact with the flooring. Think of laminate flooring like a piece of cardboard box, simply for the purpose of making a point. When cardboard becomes wet it gets really slushy and turns dark. And when it finally dries, it is warped and misshapen, it has chemically changed, it will never go back to its original form. Laminate floors actually act very similarly to cardboard in response to humidity and moisture. When the laminates shape begins, it tends to ridge at the seams where the laminate locks in to place. It will not return to the original shape, and many people have found that steam cleaning a laminate floor will result in a floor replacement.


Your hardwood floors are much the same when it comes to damage, although they could probably take a bit more damage before the concrete reality of replacement sets in. However depending on what type of species your floor is can give you very different outcomes when it comes to steam cleaning. As an added catch I have seen some steamed hardwoods that look absolutely showroom beautiful. What this means is you just don’t know how it will turn out, until it is done.

Brazilian-Cherry-Herringbone-IndusParquet-Solid-Hardwood-FlooringSo my question is, Why chance it?

There are tons of proven products for cleaning your hard surface flooring like hardwood and laminate on the market. And many of these not only clean your floors but condition and protect them as well.

I hope this blog convinced you to stay away from the fad and concentrate on the facts. I hate to see a good floor go bad! Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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