How to Care for Earthwerks Vinyl Tile and Plank Flooring

Earthwerks-Bamboo-Luxury-Vinyl-Flooring.jpgMaintaining your beautiful Earthworks vinyl tile and plank flooring is easy, but only if you know the proper way. With a market flooded by vinyl tiles and planks, it can be very easy to confuse yourself when finding a specific brands maintenance and care instructions, so I thought it would be nice to write about Earthwerks care and maintenance specifically.

Basic Cleaning Instructions:

After installation, remove all traces of adhesive left behind. On the initial cleaning the floor should be dry vacuumed so that you can remove all the dust and debris left from installation. Once this is done, wipe it with a neutral cleanser with a damp mop. After about 5 or 10 minutes you should rinse the floor with a clean damp mop and allow it to dry thoroughly.

Removing all of the excess water is crucial. It can easily cause a slip not to mention if it remains wet the water can begin to break down the adhesive and cause the Earthwerks vinyl tile or plank to release from the substrate.

Earthwerks-Pacific-Luxury-Vinyl-Flooring.jpgPreventative Measures

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of maintenance  is to cut down on the amount of dirt and grime that you carry from outside the property to the floors. Remedy this partially, by placing barrier mats at the doors and removing shoes when coming in from the outside area.


  • Never use a rubber back mat on your Earthwerks vinyl, this can cause yellow staining.
  • Never move heavy furniture around on top of the flooring, unless you have placed felt pads on the legs of the furniture. This has the potential to cause a significant amount of scratching.
  • Never Spray house hold cleaners such as wood polish or glass cleaner, many of these products contain silicone which could make your flooring unnoticeably slippery and may result in an accident.

Always remember that regular cleaning is much more beneficial than heavy cleaning is, so be regular!




Here is a list of all household items that can damage your Earthwerks vinyl tile or plank flooring, followed by what you should do if one of these items comes into contact with your floor:

Tar, Nail Polish, Varnish, Spices, Shoe Polish, Paints that contain Acetone, Lipstick, Solvent based Paints, Rubber Mats, Coco-Fiber Mats, Asphalt, Permanent Markers, and Crayons.

You should wipe any of the above up immediately with a cloth or paper towel. If any of the items have dried try to remove it by using a plastic card and gently scraping the area. Once the bulk of the mess is up wash it with a diluted cleaning agent and a cloth. If the spot still remains try a nylon sponge, and if that doesn’t work moisten a hand towel with mineral spirits and rub in a circular fashion over the entire area. But make sure that you do not use too much.


Maintaining the beauty!

Doing a light maintenance regularly can save you a ton of money in the long run. Remember to always to sweep, mop or dry vacuum your floors. Never clean with soiled cleaning products. Never mix cleaning products either. Remove spills immediately and never let excess water stand on the floor for more time than it would take for a lightly mopped floor to dry.

I hope that this helped you to get an excellent strategy for keeping your Earthwerks vinyl tile and plank flooring as beautiful as the day that it was installed. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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