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Carpet-Tile-Assorted-Package-ATraditionally carpet tiles have been used in spaces that require a more durable flooring option. But, recently I’ve come to see an emergence of creativity in the tile realm. People are coming up with there own, exceptional and sophisticated designs by doing custom pattern with carpet tile in there homes. And they aren’t just for one solid floor anymore. People are using them everywhere. I’ve even seen them on walls!

Given the success of these amazingly versatile design tools, I want to focus on one of the coolest ideas that I have come across. DIY area rugs are a savvy way to get a beautiful custom area rug for a fraction of the cost of a traditional area rug.

You see the great thing about customizing these rugs yourself, is that you will get a unique rug designed to your liking. You can make it a family project too because children love decorating there rooms. If you have hard surfaces in the house, this is the perfect project for you. Let’s jump into it, here is what you need:

Custom carpet tile area rug checklist                                                                            

  • Any flat hard surface floor with enough floor space to lay an area rug.
  • A non-slip rug pad, cut big enough for your desired area rug size, if you have a bigger piece than needed, don’t worry, this padding can be cut with household scissors.
  • Enough tiles to fill the desired area rugs size, if you are trying for an intricate design involving several colors that will require you to cut and insert make sure you get enough!
  • You will need a razor knife for cutting.
  • Scissors
  • Fabric hook and loop fastening strips
  • Hot glue gun

Alright now that you have all the material lets get to work!

1)      First, you will need to lay down the non-slip rug pad and you should use the scissors to cut the size that you are going for. Measure the area for a neat line, but don’t worry too much about it unless you are planning an intricate pattern.

2)      Imagine the design or draw it out, this is where you creativity comes in. If you are doing an inlayed pattern with the carpet tile simply trace the design on the bottom side of the 2 different tiles that you are using, and use the razor knife to make clean cuts.

3)      Next is to lay the design out on the floor, then flip them over piece by piece until the pattern is correct, but the carpet tile is upside down.

4)      Position the fabric hook and loop fasteners along the edge of the soon to be rug, on the underside of the carpet tiles and follow it up by laying the non-slip rug pad on the back.

5)      Now take the hot glue gun and attach the fasteners to the carpet and the backing, creating a solid piece.

And now you have a beautiful new area rug! That was pretty easy right?

Now that we know that this is easy it is time to tackle other areas of the house that require an area rug. When the carpet tiles require cleaning, simply spot clean as needed by removing the tiles of carpet from the rug pad and wipe them clean with a damp cloth. And if they get ruined the tile can easily be replace one at a time!

I hope you enjoyed this project, check back soon for more DIY flooring fun. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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