The Best Types of Flooring For Kitchens

Lincoln-Park-Engineered-Hardwood-FlooringDo you ever think about what the best type of flooring for your kitchen would be? There are so many colors and materials to choose from that it can be one of the hardest choices you will make when remodeling. There are so many choices in fact that I have decided to write a blog on it. It is funny because most people tend to think that only a few material will work well in a kitchen because of moisture, but by the end of this article you will be more than happy with the flooring options available for modern kitchens.

What do you need your kitchen floor to say to you?


Everyone has a different idea of what a kitchen should look like and you would be surprised to know that if you ask the common person on the street they say you must have a tile floor. Well not too surprised I’m sure when you were growing up, that and vinyl flooring were the main option. But thanks to modern technologies and advancements in moisture resistance, at this point in time, almost any type of flooring is possible in a kitchen.


Vertical-Bamboo-FlooringBest Kitchen Flooring Options:


    Here I will list the options that we recommend and what type you should look for in that option.


  • Hardwood Flooring: Yes this is totally possible, especially now that we have this amazing new hardwood technology known as engineered hardwood flooring. This type of hardwood actually resists moisture unlike solid hardwood. However don’t shy away from solid hardwood entirely, because you can get special sealants that will block the moisture from the wood. If you do choose to go with either one of these make sure to go with a hard wearing finish layer so that you can protect you investment.


  • Vinyl Flooring: How did you guess? Just joking, this is what most people are used to. It is very easy to install and resistant to water. Be warned though, high traffic areas are not its friends. These floors will wear and scratch easily, so if you are going with a product like this for the kitchen, I would recommend trying a luxury vinyl flooring. It has added wear resistance.


  • Bamboo Flooring: If you are an environmental nut like I am, you are sure to love these floors. Bamboo grows incredibly fast and is amazingly renewable. Not to mention it is a great wood alternative, with properties that make it strong and resistant to moisture. Stay away from carbonized bamboo flooring when remodeling the kitchen.


  • Cork Flooring: This option is never thought about at first, but as you begin to search for the actual materials you will wonder why you didn’t consider it already. It is also a highly renewable resource, and the floors are actually made from ground shaving and slices of the same cork that they use on bottles! Stable, moisture resistant, and incredibly soft. Imagine walking barefoot through your kitchen! It feels great trust me!


  • Rubber Flooring: Our final entry is rubber flooring, and it comes in almost any color that you can imagine. You can get this option in tile or roll forms depending on the design aesthetic you are going for. However the care level of this floor can be a bit hard to manage if you do not stay on top of things. So this floor is for a dedicated kitchen enthusiast.


After you have found the right type of flooring for you, make sure that you read up on all of the facts before installation so that you will be best prepared to handle any of life’s messy situations. I hope that this article shined some light on the common misconception that tile is the only flooring option for a kitchen. Until next time, Happy Flooring!

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