The Best Hardwood Floor For Pets

Armstrong-Premier-Performance-Walnut-plank-EHP5011-bronze-best-hardwood-floorDo you have pets? Pets are an extension of our families and in some cases they are our children or companions. I could not imagine a day without my dog Vanille to greet me when I get home from work and to nudge her head under my arm because she needs some attention. So when it comes to it I began to wonder, “What is the best hardwood floor for pets?” Well today we will answer this question and discuss different possibilities that will make you and your furry friends happy.


Usually all hardwood floors will dent and scratch over time, it boils down to how much it will show. You shouldn’t avoid getting hardwood flooring for your home based on this though. Any type of floor covering that you choose will inevitably break down it is just the nature of things. When it pertains to pets cats are actually very good on hard surface flooring, but dogs are another story. You can trim there nails and bath them regularly, but lets face it, an active dog is a challenge for a hardwood floor. With that being said we will focus on the toughest of the tough where hardwood is concerned, so that you will be able to find that hardwood flooring that can take the torture and stand the test of time with your dog, while still looking its best for years.


I’ve set up a list of key points to think about when trying to find the best hardwood floor for your pets:


  • Stay away from soft woods!

Woods that are of a softer nature will directly contribute to scratches and abrasions from claws scraping the ground. So stay away from hardwood like pine, fir, cedar, American cherry, American walnut and carbonized bamboo. Though these hardwoods look incredibly beautiful, they are actually more expensive and less durable.


  • Solid over Engineered

Armstrong-Tamarisk-Strip-LG-Sandbar-43614LG-best-hardwood-floorWith solid hardwood flooring you have the luxury of re-sanding, staining, and refinishing at your hearts desire. So when signs of wear get rough you are able to remedy the problem. Also the solid wood warranties tend to run longer than engineered wood flooring. On the flip side, engineered wood can only be sanded a few times if that depending on the thickness of the top layer or (veneer.) So if you do wind up with a very deep scratch in the floor, you don’t have many options for repair.


  • Distressed hardwoods are your friends

Not only stylish in design but the perfect scratch camouflage. It shows scratches and indentations far less because of its rustic approach to flooring. And actually the more distressed with knots and character marks the better for your 4 legged best friend!


  • Go with satin or less glossy finishes.

The more shiny and glossy the finish is, the more likely that scratches will show. This happens because the light shining on your flooring will reflect in the scratches because of the high gloss finishes. This is a great idea even if you do not have pets.


  • Lighter color and Tones.

Brazilian-Chestnut-Best-Hardwood-FloorDarker colors tend to show more scratches and debris than lighter colors do. Oak is a great choice for pets because it is naturally light, it is also a harder wood. Luckily some of the most affordable hardwood floors are made of oak.


  • Keep a watchful eye and use crate training when you are gone.

This is more of a suggestion. You will have no help from hardwood when it comes to pet wetting related accidents. I would suggest crating your pet when you leave the house. This actually is better and healthier for the pet because they will not be able to get into anything while you are away that could make them sick and it will assure that your floors stay dry. And if they do have an accident, be sure to clean it up immediately as hardwood absorbs liquids very quickly unless you go with a choice that is impermeable to moisture.


All things considered it is really up to you. But keep these tips and suggestions in mind when you go to get your new flooring and you and your pet will be happier in the long run. Just take your time and do your research. The best hardwood floor for you and your pet is out there somewhere. Hope this helped. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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