Quality Flooring For Your Home: Mannington Laminate

Mannington TeaLeaf resized 600Mannington has an interesting history in the flooring industry. It is now on its fourth-generation of being a family operated business. They offer just about any hard surface flooring that you can think of including; hardwood, resilient flooring, porcelain tiles, laminate flooring, etc. Mannington focuses on a simple solution to common issues and takes to heart their mantra: “To Be The Best People To Do Business With In The Flooring Industry.” From everything that I can see by viewing the products and the joy that our customers get from this product, I believe that they are hitting the nail on the head.

Mannington laminate excels in innovative practices, quality assurance manufacturing operations and impeccable ethical standards when related to natural material sustainability.  They pride themselves on the fact that they recycle raw materials from American landfills, and turning those materials into incredible quality flooring products for the home and office.

What is the construction of Mannington laminate?

Mannington Coffee resized 600Mannington laminate is comprised of 4 layers that directly influence the durability of the flooring. The 1st layer is made up of a thin layer of melamine resin designed specifically for protection. The second layer is a photographic simulation of the wood that the product is mimicking, and generally it looks just like the real thing. The Next layer is constructed for shock absorption also called the “core” layer it is designed to protect the final layer of the product. And finally the last layer, layer number 4, it acts a buffer between the core layer and the underlayment used in installation that is placed under the flooring. 

Many of the laminates that Mannington offers come with their patented interlocking grid of grooves and tongues and is called “Locksolid,” which makes installation incredibly easy.

Laminate Vs. Ceramic/Hardwood

Mannington Firestone resized 600There are a few perks when it comes to choosing Mannington laminate over ceramic tile or hardwood. Laminate has warmer and softer feel to the touch. So it will actually give in to comfort, where as hardwood and ceramic tends to be cold and hard to the touch. Laminate is also much easier to maintain than ceramic and hardwood when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. Installation is also easier with laminate, and in most cases you can do it yourself. Laying hardwood or ceramic can be very complicated to the rookie installer. And finally the cost of laminate compared to ceramic and hardwood is much more affordable, so this is perfect for individuals and families working with a budget.

Mannington is a world class competitor boasting many awards for design, optimal performance ratings, and environmentally sound products.  

Mannington Natural resized 600Mannington has crafts all of the products used to install its incredibly beautiful laminates, however as a company they strongly recommend all of there clients to seek a qualified professional to guarantee all guidelines are followed during the installation process so that you do not void your warranty by accident. If you are considering purchasing this product for your home or office you can download installation instruction under the laminate flooring section on their website.

Mannington also offers some amazing cleaning and maintenance products geared specifically toward your laminate flooring. I can stress enough to follow the cleaning and maintenance guidelines addressed in the warranty as well, this can make the difference in paying for repairs yourself or having Mannington reimburse you if the need ever happens. I wouldn’t stress on it though as the company guarantees to honor the strong and reliable warranties.

With a company like Mannington on your floors at home you can rest assured that you living quality will grow substantially as well as look incredible. And because this product is great across the board you can also take solace in the fact that you will be enjoying your Mannington laminate floors for years to come. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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