Company Spotlight: Mannington Flooring

Mannington_LogoWhat started as a small business in 1915 became a large part of the flooring industry rather quickly. Mannington flooring, 97 years later, still holds its core values of honesty, hard work and family. Today, employees still work under the same principles of those that are responsible of founding the company; John Boston Campbell and his sons, Neil and Kenneth. Because of these values instilled through there leadership in the beginning, Mannington flooring has became a standard in the flooring industry and will remain a standard for many years to come.

Mannington is now on its fourth generation of being run by family, and it strives to meet the highest expectations of the flooring industry. It began producing vinyl flooring in 1915, one of the pioneers of vinyl. Today Mannington is responsible for producing vinyl flooring, hardwood, porcelain, and laminate.

Mannington American Hickory resized 600Over the years, the company has dealt with some hardships as most long running American company. They survived the Great Depression and 2 World Wars. Even a snow related accident struck the commercial headquarters in Calhoun, GA, the roof collapsed. But this did not phase them they also faced several company related economic faults, but these were excellent examples of a company sticking to there guns and eventually coming out on top.

Environmental Presence

The company has received many awards in the flooring industry, for its beautiful designs, patterns, and innovations. Today Mannington flooring is one of the big wigs of environmentally friendly manufacturing processes. In fact, more than 2 acres of solar panels sit atop the New Jersey warehouse, giving them the bragging rights of having the largest in the flooring industry. The panels produce an astonishing 700 megawatt hours of clean energy a day. In 2008, the state of Georgia enjoyed 30% reduced water consumption in its carpet manufacturing facilities all courtesy of Mannington.

Mannington laminates are made of 70% recycled material. Not to mention it is the only laminate that is certified for Floor Score. Floor Score guarantees that a product contributes to good air quality in your home.

 Mannington American Walnut resized 600

Mannington flooring has 6 plants and offices scattered throughout the United States. This is strategic to the company allowing them to work hard to provide the most durable, environmentally friendly products in today’s flooring market. The company continues to strive to meet the needs of its ever changing customer base.

So, I would like to congratulate Manning flooring for is 97 years of success, so here’s to 100! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us next.

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