7 Beautiful Shaw Area Rugs You Can’t Live Without

Area rugs are a staple in almost every American home. The design and texture of Shaw area rugs are in my opinion the best that I have seen. In this blog article, I am picking seven of my favorite rugs by Shaw and giving them mini reviews. Join me as we break down the beautiful patterns and design styles of these incredible pieces of floor art.


  1. Almeria-Shaw-Area-RugsAlmeria – This rug made number one on my list for its perfect harmony of traditional and contemporary design. It is from the collection Mirabella and it is absolutely gorgeous. The geometrical patterns are actually very traditional. It comes in two color palettes which are beige and brown. The light blues and greens of the top patterns pop off the earthy background colors and it would perfectly complement a simple contemporary room décor. This rug would add depth in any setting but I recommend putting it in the living area of the home, as it is a perfect conversation piece.



  1. Andalusia-Shaw-Area-RugsAndalusia – This made number two for its bold statement. It is also part of the Mirabella collection and I simply love this rug. The contrast of the almost black border against the bold red is just beautiful. This pattern gives off a flowing appeal. Think little red riding hood making her way through a dark forest. I know that is funny, but if you think about it this Shaw area rug tells a story.




  1. Madison-Girl-Shaw-Area-RugsMadison Girl – This rug is perfect for any pint sized diva! The Kathy Ireland Young Attitudes collection has hit the nail on the head for this rug. Just a look and you know it is meant for the girly girl of the family. This piece is sophisticated and refined, but the colors are fun and wild. Black with hot pink circles and white circular patterns. Absolutely beautiful, it will work perfect in any gossip girl’s bedroom.





  1. Hamadan-Shaw-Area-RugsHamadan – A beautifully executed tradition Persian style rug. Wow this is a gorgeous piece. It hails from the Antiquities collection, and the highly detailed patterns are breathtaking. Meant to be a showstopper, I couldn’t imagine putting this rug in any place but the formal dining room. The palette of the rug caters to a more subtle traditional design scheme embracing colors that are not meant to pop, but to flow perfectly into the space it is displayed in.




  1. Zing-Garden-Shaw-Area-RugsZing Garden – This Shaw area rug is beautiful! It comes from the Impressions collection. I look at this rug and see strategically placed cobblestones. The design is clean and simple and it is the kind of rug that you can put in any room that is striving for a minimalist design. It comes in 2 colors, sage and multicolor.





  1. Wild-Savanna-Shaw-Area-RugsWild Savanna – Tired of the same old animal print? The unique patchwork design of the zebra print is an inspiration to embracing your wild side. The bold border gives it that little extra something to break up the monotony of the animal print. Simply stunning! This comes from the Concepts collection, and is a must have for anyone who loves animal print but is looking for clean edges.




  1. Azhar-Shaw-Area-RugAzhar – Last but not least we have a print area rug. This is a perfect example of how a visual from the past can be recreated into a modern piece. I love this 70’s style throw back. It comes in 2 color palettes, brown and purple, and comes from the Loft collection. This rug would go perfect anywhere in the home, but I’m leaning towards an informal dining area.




Well there you have it, my top 7 Shaw area rugs. I hope you enjoyed this little peak into these wonderful flooring solutions and I would like to invite you to take a look at the many other rugs that Shaw has on the market today. There are literally hundreds of styles, patterns, colors and sizes to choose from, and I’m sure that you will find the perfect one for your space. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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