The Ultimate Stain-Resistance, Anso Nylon Carpet

Anso LogoAnso nylon carpet has been Shaw’s premium fiber brand for 40 years. Trusted by the masses this carpet packs a punch when it comes to overall stain protection. Known for its many styles and long lasting performance, it has been engineered to withstand the toughest stains, even spilled red wine! It is durable and absolutely gorgeous. You will love this amazing product for years to come. On top of being an amazing carpet, it comes with an aggressive, non-prorated warranty.

So what makes it so great? Let’s take a look at what makes Anso nylon the choice carpet of the savvy consumer:

  • This amazing carpet is engineered to be recycled. Anso nylon contains post consumer carpet and has cradle-to-cradle certification. Making it truly a carpet to carpet as opposed to a carpet to landfill. It is SCS certified with 25% recycled materials.
  • Resilient should be its middle name as it is highly recognized as for having the highest resilience of any synthetic carpet fiber in the world! This nylon maintains its original shape and looks newer longer, even under the most extreme conditions.
  • Patented R2x technology treatment not only helps it repel dirt and soil but it also helps it wear gracefully. This makes for unsurpassed stain-resistance and better overall warranty coverage.
  • Anso nylon carpet it tough, but comfortable. The nylon 6 fibers in Anso are 20% tougher than other comparative fibers, and they wear a heck of a lot less.

Filthy Mess


Not a believer?

In 2010 Shaw put this amazing product to the test and succeeded in making the Guinness Book of World Records by hosting the largest “Pie Fighting Contest” in the world, proving that this amazing fiber has what it takes to stand up against the toughest of the tough when it comes to ground in soil and stains. Over 400 pie throwers participated in this epic pie battle royal. About an inch of pie filling was trampled into the carpet, and this included chocolate and cherry pie filling. There was not a clean spot on the carpet. After this record breaking event, it was time to clean up the massive mess. So the professionals went to work and the end result was a carpet that looked brand new. Amazing!

Really, you don’t believe it? Well how about you be the judge, check out the video

So, if you are tired of replacing flooring due to children’s birthday parties, sleepovers, pets and holidays? Then, take a break with Anso nylon carpet. You will be glad you made the switch.

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