The Power Of Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet

SmartStrand LogoAre you looking for a virtually stain free carpet? In today’s market there are many options for stain resistance and protection, but today we will be shining a spotlight on the evolution of Mohawk Smartstrand Carpet. I say evolution, because in recent years this amazing stain fighting technology has been put to the test and has always come out on top.

Mohawk has the lead when it comes to innovative sustainable flooring. In a beautiful matrimony of renewable resources DuPont Sorona has partnered with Mohawk to make this amazing carpet, even better. This carpet offers fiber made with Bio-PDO which is made from corn sugar. By adding this new ingredient to the mix, it allows 37% of DuPont Sorona to be made from renewable resources, which marks the first time that a luxuriously soft carpet can offer durability and overall stain protect, while making a smaller environmental impact in the same dance.

The incredibly stain resistant Mohawk SmartStrand carpet is engineered into the very core of the fiber and will never wear or wash from the surface. This means that we will never need to re-treat the carpet with stain protectors, ever again, even after a steam cleaning.

This engineered stain resistance exceeds old expectations of protection exponentially, making tough stains like mustard, red wine, and red dye drinks to be removed with a simple solution of warm water and a mild detergent. In an absolutely amazing turn of events the fiber even resists the discoloration associated with bleach! I know it goes without saying, but SmartStrand should be a major factor in inspired homes everywhere.

Not only can it handle the mess of a home, it can handle the mess of just about anything capable of making a mess, and I mean this quite literally. Mohawk has made some interesting promotional videos showing you just how dirty you can get a SmartStrand carpet, and just how brand new it can look after the fact, with a simple cleaning. I have never seen another test done quite like this before. So without further adieu, here they are:

These results are incredible. I’ll be honest, I’m a bit skeptical when it comes to stain protection, but I can think of no other test that will convince me of the amazing stain-protection power that you get when you go with Mohawk SmartStrand carpet.


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