The New Standard Of Business Flooring, Commercial Carpet Tile

Look-At-Me-Mohawk-Carpet-TileWhen, walking the corridor to your office you notice that the floor is looking not so new, a stain here, a rip there, “Oh, no is that gum!” While we are on the job, we rarely stop and take time to notice our surrounding environment. This is not so prominent with customers. Customers and potential clients tend to notice the surrounding of a company when they walk through the doors. If your décor is shabby, it makes it quite distracting to land the sale or sign a deal.

Commercial carpet tiles are a company’s best friend when it comes to maintaining a clean and “new” look in the office. This product comes with the ability, to literally switch out any damaged, soiled, or stained area of the carpet without hiring a cleaning company or replacing the entire area all together. Talk about easy, it’s almost like we should have had this solution to flooring years ago. Well we have, it just has not been that prevalent due to its lack of design options in the past.

Today, there are hundreds of options and patterns to choose from and the designs are just spectacular. Carpet tiles are becoming popular enough to land in some of the most prestige environments and in some cases even homes. Gone are the solid color choices and mismatched patterns of the past.

Knotty-Nice-Lavish-Mohawk-Carpet-TileThe Three Easies of Commercial Carpet Tiles:

  • Easy to install – Leave the rolls to the professionals, tiles of carpet are cut into manageable smaller squares, this makes it very easy to match patterns. All you need is a bit of time and the ability to bend over. Some tiles already have an adhesive backing, but if not you can simply buy adhesive tape. Simple put it down where you want and cut edges for corners. No mess and anyone can do it.
  • Easy to clean – The hassles of cleaning a solid piece of carpet is one that most of us could do with out. Well now you can, you can actually take the one square and replace it while the other is cleaned. This means you have no downtime, which is an amazing quality. Catch it right away and no one will know.
  • Easy to replace – When the need arises, and eventually it will, you do not have to replace the entire lot. Just take out the stained, soiled or worn piece of carpet, and adhere another. Honestly folks, this is an amazing solution to a big problem. Not only when a stain is present, but if you just feel the need for change you can move your existing pattern in the room around to create new looks. Don’t be afraid to let your imagination flow.

So, relax and enjoy the simplicity of commercial carpet tiles in your business. If nothing else, you will get a custom look that is always clean and fresh, which is perfect for landing your next customer!


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