The Natural Splendor Of Seagrass Carpet

Today, people are looking into more green furnishings for their home, and a lot of us tend to overlook what we use the most, our floors. So what product is full of environmental sustainability, it is called Seagrass carpet, and this substance is as green as it can get.

Seagrass does not actually come from the sea it is usually grown in a situation similar to a rice paddy, which is a field that is to be flooded with water during a crop cycle. It is almost entirely impermeable, and is spun into small strands that are incredibly resistant to stains and dirt. It is originally known as “Seagrass Matting,” because in the past it was sewn into small squares that you actually laid down yourself, however modern generations have created carpet out of this amazing fiber. Sometimes it is even mixed with other strong natural fibers for added protection and texture.


There are numerous benefits to having seagrass carpet:

  • Highly sustainable solution to flooring.
  • It is 100% bio-degradable.
  • Non-Toxic
  • Anti-Static
  • Antibacterial
  • Repels dust mites, because it contains tannins in its fiber
  • It absorbs moisture in the air when humidity strikes, and then released the stored moisture when there is no humidity.
  • Its natural colors are earthy so it looks great anywhere.
  • Moth and rot resistance
  • Excellent insulating qualities
  • It provides amazing noise reduction

Seagrass quality has been improved drastically in recent years, as they have started being manufactured on power-looms instead of handlooms. Power-looms create a superior quality and weight, and because the fibers are naturally stain resistant, it can be used anywhere from a residential stand point to a contract situation. However, certain areas of heavier room traffic would require a loose laid mat for better protection.

The best thing about seagrass carpet is that it is low dust and low allergy, which makes perfect for people struggling with seasonal allergies. It works great as a rug on wood flooring too, because it creates a natural feel of grass like texture when walking on bare feet.

Amazon 600 Natural  65852 zoom resized 600The environmental impact of seagrass is virtually non-existent especially when it comes to carpet. This alone is enough to consider making the switch. I love the fact that it actually can cut down on the cost of your electricity bill due to its insulation properties. And when the children are playing and running about, the texture of the carpet fibers will actually dampen the noise made from frolicking around.

All and all, Seagrass carpet is a high quality, durable, and environmentally friendly solution to the everyday persons flooring needs.


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