The Environmental Legacy of Anderson Hardwood Floors

     “I think every company has a responsibility to make as little impact on the natural environment from a negative standpoint as possible,”

                                                         -Don Finkell, President/CEO of Anderson Hardwood Floors

anderson logoI believe that this is an excellent quote, and more companies should adapt to this philosophy. Today, we are making strides to increase our environmental practices and natural resources. The only way we will have a future in our world is by saving it from depletion and pollution. So I am proud to say that this company is on the right track.

In the mid 80’s Anderson adopted the best management practices, this was a series of ways to harvest the wood used in products that would not only cut down on waste, but also provide a way to replenish one of the Earth’s greatest resources, trees. They did this by using their buying power to handpick companies that harvested wood that followed the guidelines set forth by best management practices. And so it became Anderson’s environmental legacy.

Over the past years, the flooring industry has taken a turn when it comes to how the manufacturing process is done. More and more companies are adopting “Greener” strategies, and in turn have seen an increase in sales. Thus, it is known throughout the flooring industry that there is money to be made by going green.

Amazon Reforestation resized 600Source

Taking a leadership position in the flooring industry Anderson Hardwood is on the forefront of environmentally conscious products. But it is not just about the dollar amount, it is about the Earth. Illegal logging and tropical deforestation cause more of an impact on global warming than all automobiles on Earth. Anderson has tried to encourage legislation through an Amendment to the Lacey Act, to restrict importing illegally harvested timber to the United States, for the purpose of manufacturing products. The other thing that they are focusing on are technologies such as Perma Color, these technologies naturally color wood, and make it darker without using the harmful chemicals that destroy the Ozone layer. This is an innovative green product, and is an awesome alternative to achieving the look of exotic species, without having to harvest them, keeping their numbers up naturally.

By doing it this way, Anderson is leaving an inheritance to the future populations of our world.

If we want to make our world a better place, we need to choose products that are environmentally stable. The future of our society and world for that matter depends on what we choose to invest in now.

     “Real environmental stewardship, or being green, is not a single environmental action or a communications campaign. It emanates from a corporate culture of environmental actions over a sustained period of time. Anderson Hardwood Floors is that kind of organization.”                                                

                                                                                             – Don Finkell, President/CEO of AHF


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