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Dyersburg-II-Shaw-CarpetThis article is about that long running arguement over if having carpet causes more allergies in you home. Through researching Shaw carpet has brought to my attention some significant information on the subject, and you may be more than surprised to find out the results.

Allergens: Allergens are everywhere, attacking the helpless, and ravaging our lands. Well they are not quite that bad, but to some these pesky biopollutant jockeys can cause a system to go haywire. Some people literally can’t function when it comes to allergies in the air. Biopollutants, like pets, dander, dust mites and mold have all been linked directly to allergies and even asthma, all can be found in someone’s home. However it is not the presence of allergies that is the problem it is the inhalation of allergens, and for this to happen it must be airborne.

Here is where Shaw carpet comes into play.

Carpet is actually capable of holding tiny substances like soil, dust, and other microbials that you cannot see. Over the years people have blamed carpet for harboring these allergens, however what people have blamed the most on carpet, may actually be the saving factor against allergies. It has been demonstrated that carpet is very efficient in keeping small particles trapped, meaning that these particles do not become airborne, and therefore are not
breathed into the body.

Warrior-Shaw-CarpetIn fact, this is so significant that a study by a Swedish government indicated that when the use of carpet declined to the concept of allergen loving carpet, the number of people reporting allergies did not decline, it increased.

It turns out that regular vacuuming while using a high-efficiency filter removes the majority of allergens from flying around in the air, it also substantially reduces mite populations. That is definitely food for thought. In this case, Research has clearly shown “NO” correlation between allergens contained in carpet and allergens in the air in rooms with carpet.

So whomever started this mess, who probably meant well, had no scientific backing or evidence supporting the claim. 

More Research, In 2002, two schools in NC participated in a study conducted by RTI and the University of North Carolina (UNC). One school had resilient tile floor covering almost the entire school, while the other was almost entirely carpeted. Get this! The study found that airborne contaminants, which could be highly possible sources of allergens, were in face higher in the school with the tiled floors, and lower in the mostly carpeted school.

Dust mites, allergy terrorists in you home. 

Striker-Shaw-CarpetYou want more, okay, also in 2002, Professional Testing Laboratory studied the effect of the foot traffic that directly relates to air quality, by using commercial carpet and commercial vinyl flooring. After 16 minutes of foot traffic over both surfaces, the particulate concentration was four times more prominent walking over vinyl floor than carpet.

So as you can see the scare of carpet causing allergies is a completely bogus arguement, that seems to me no more than an attempt to belittle an industry with unfounded facts. Thanks to Shaw carpet and various studies conducted, we have the facts. And the fact is if you have allergies, you will suffer less in you home if it is carpeted. Until next time, Happy Flooring!


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