Fascinating Company Facts About Shaw Carpet Industries

Shaw Industries LogoIn 1946, Shaw Carpet Industries got it start as the Star Dye company. It was a small business that dyed tufted scattered rugs. Many events contributed to the transformation of the company into the world’s largest manufacturer of carpet, so many that it was actually hard to track information down. In 1958, with a massive $300,000 in sales (massive for that time), the company decided to expand by changing to Star Finishing Company.

A holding company was formed in 1967, with a main focus to acquire the Philadelphia Carpet Company which was founded in 1846. After a year the holding company added Star Finishing to the mix, it becamey the company’s first major move into carpet manufacturing.  Finally in 1971, after many years of building a brand, the company went public as Shaw Industries, Inc. Ever since, Shaw carpet has been a household name that we have grown up knowing.
Shaw Plant 72After the public caught on to the innovative designs, styles, and technologies, the business really took off. In 1985 Shaw made its first appearance on the list of America’s largest corporation in the Fortune 500, They achieved this amazing feat by making more than $500 Million in sales while having close to 5,000 employees. Pretty Impressive.

By continually changing its service and adding more value for the customers, it had and is still having incredible company developments, including:

  • Its own source of yarn supply in 1972 after purchasing their own yarn plant.
  • Understanding and correctly estimating the potential of newly developed continuous dyeing methods, as well as acquiring their first dye plant.
  • They created their own tucking subsidiary, which dramatically improved nationwide shipping.
  • In 1982, Shaw significantly expanded their direct sales to retailers, allow the public access to their amazing products.
  • Shaw established regional distribution centers across the nation.
  • In the 1980’s a large focus began to modernize plants and equipment to accommodate breakthroughs such as stain resistant carpet.
  • In 1993 Shaw began rug distribution, and in 1998 Hard surfaces.

Warren BuffettThis company took many astonishing routes through its history, and on January 4 2001, Shaw carpet began a new chapter with the finalization of its sale to Berkshire Hathaway Inc, ending its tenure as a public company.  This was the holding company of the renowned investor Warren Buffett.

Today Shaw Industries is still doing more than well. Shaw is a full-service flooring company now  with more than $4 billion in yearly sales, and also supporting approximately 25,000 employees. The employees efforts illustrate the commitment and determination to stay on top of this industry.

We just love everything that Shaw Industries, Inc. has strived to achieve and cannot wait to see what the future of the company has in store for us next.


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