Discount Hardwood Flooring An Excellent Return Investment

Mannington-Madison-Oak-Engineered-Hardwood-FlooringIt’s a great time to buy! The housing market is at an all time low, making it very easy to purchase with little up front. Flipping properties may not pay off now but if you hold on to it for a bit, when the market does eventually turn, and it always does, you should see a substantial return on your investment. Discount hardwood flooring is a perfect opportunity for you to put a little into the home you purchase, and get a lot more back when it is time to sell.

Why is discount hardwood flooring a good investment?

Well for one, buyers love hardwood floors. It is warm and inviting to potential purchasers. It also stands up to the best when it comes to lasting a long time. I have even seen warranties that go up to 50 years on certain hardwood floors.

Carpets tend to grasp on to dirt and debris a lot more than hardwoods do. And having a floor that looks clean is what a potential buyer wants to see when it comes to real estate. They do not want to think about the leftover substances from the previous owner. So that makes having a hard surface even more appealing to the buyer.

Brazilian-Cherry-Solid-Hardwood-Flooring-Tavern-GradeAnother great advantage that this has from a real estate perspective is the fact that the buyer will know that they won’t have to spend as much on maintenance, as with carpet, professional cleaning can create extra dollar signs in the buyers head. More money put into the house is not what they want to think about. Especially when they realize that carpet needs replacing after a certain number of years.

Also, a lot of buyers are looking for an older home with a classic charm. To these individuals, if it does not have hardwood flooring, it is not on there list to begin with. They will pay the added price for the traditional upkeep of an older house that comes with added sophistication and comfort.

American-Walnut-Natural-Engineered-HardwoodBut isn’t hardwood a pain to install?

It used to be a very long and messy process, but time and technology have changed the process of installation. Unfinished floor options used to be all that was available, these days however we can purchase pre-sanded, sealed and finished options, making the process of installation all the more easy.

The cost of installation can be reduced dramatically if you tend to do it yourself. Installing discount hardwood flooring can be one of the best small investments that you can make that will allow you to see a substantial return of investment on a home.


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