Discount Carpets – A Smart Way To Save

It’s almost Summer time! The kids are out of school and having fun outside. And you are planning what projects that you can get done around the house. How about new flooring? Discount Carpets can be found everywhere right now, at prices that you just can’t say no too.

Many people hear the word discount and automatically turn to the thought that it is cheap and low quality, but in the carpet world this not really the case.

So why is it discounted?

For many reasons actually, for example sometimes carpet manufacturers produce promotional flooring that they sell to carpet dealers to gauge how a new style or color will sell. After it is tested in the market, the left over of the promotions before tweaking the production, is offered at a discounted rate, the same high quality carpet for a much lower price. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from the latest color and style choices without breaking the bank.

Another way that one could come across some amazing discount carpets is from manufacturer overruns. See sometimes a manufacturer can miscalculate how well a particular carpet is going to do in the market. Also, a lot of times consumers order special orders and have it manufactured, and wind up cancelling that order. Both of these situations can leave you the beneficiary of these discount carpets. Because a good amount of money went into manufacturing the carpet, the manufacturer is more than happy to just break even and move on to the next. The result is a custom carpet for an unbelievable price.

Mowhaw Room Scene 2 resized 600Close out carpet is another awesome way to find the best price on carpet. Although sometimes there may not be enough to complete the application that you are going for, but if you are creative you may be able to think of some beautiful designs by splitting the color pallet up in a few rooms, this could result in taking hundreds off you overall bill. You could even select 2 different carpet colors of the same style and do a border around a room in one color and a center in another. With the right creativity the possibilities could be endless.


Let us take a look at a few different kinds of carpet that you will most likely be able to find at a discounted rate.

  • Commercial Carpet – Some of the new styles of commercial carpets hold up better in a home because of their increase in durability associated with wear.
  • Patterned Carpet – Because the carpet usually displays current season in design fashions once a trend has ended, these carpets can be found at discounted rates across the board.
  • Residential Carpet – You will find tons of these at a discounted rate Mohawk Carpet 2 resized 600because of the high demand, and constant changes to technologies in the make up of the carpet.
  • Carpet Tiles – Another trend setter, if a pattern does not particularly sell well they will drop the style, but that is not to say that it is not a well made and striking product, it just did not sell as much to the masses.


So as you can see there are many ways that you can get the most out of discount carpets, and in many cases no one will know the difference. If you are on a limited budget or just want to update a single room for a change, this option is perfect for you.



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