Carpet Vs Hardwood Flooring: Let’s Get Ready To Rumble

When its time to put in new flooring, sometimes it is hard to choose. If you a considering a remodel or decorating a room, the options can weigh you down. I’ve decided to compile an unbiased theoretical boxing match between carpet and hardwood flooring. So hear is the question, who will win the title to call themselves the champion of your home?                                        

Ding, Ding!

In this corner, Weighing in only in ounces. Reigning from Dalton, Ga. The one, the only, Carpet! (The crowd goes crazy!)

And in the other corner, As strong as they come, with a luster that will strike down the hardest of foes, The incredible Hardwood Flooring!

BoxerOkay, well maybe it is not that exciting. But, if you think about it, there has always been uncertainty when one who likes both when you can only pick one. So lets get to the battle royale!!!

  • When it comes to appearance, hardwood flooring and carpet both have certain visual appeal. Carpet has a wide range of colors and textures to choose from, ranging from patterns to solids. Hardwood on the other hand is limited to the range of colors. I mean you can’t get a hot pink shag hardwood. But even though limiting, you cannot deny the elegant sophistication that hardwood can provide. So from my perspective, carpet is more informal flooring for everyday life, while hardwood is perfect for formal interior spaces.
  • Many people prefer the warm and soft feel of carpet to the cold hard surface of hardwood. Carpet gives you the option to walk around barefoot comfortably, but this is a catch 22, because that is really your only option to walk around, because shoes are not carpet friendly. This is where hardwood has the upper hand, you can pretty much wear anything around the house without having to worry about crushing the floor.
  • Carpet has incredible heat and sound insulation hands down, a point in its favor. Hardwood flooring simply does not perform at this level. You can get the right underlayment, such as cork and it will help with the noise reduction, but it simply does not compare to carpet.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are pretty much the same on both ends. Carpet will need to be vacuumed daily and cleaned with carpet shampoo periodically, but carpets stain much more easily than hardwood floors do. Cleaning hardwood daily is also an essential to having hard surfaces. I will also need to be waxed once every few years to keep it looking amazing. As with both make sure you follow you warranty guidelines to a “T” because if the proper maintenance and care is not given, it could void your warranty!
  • Allergies are a concern only if you don’t follow maintenance guidelines. But it is true that carpet stores allergens such as dust mites, in the chambers of the fibers. This is why shampooing is required. So if you keep it clean you don’t have to worry. As far as hardwood is concerned, it is much easier to lower the allergens related to storage, because it’s a flat surface. But allergens can build up on any surface that is not cleaned daily.
  • Lastly, we have the biggest factor for most American families, “Price!” Carpet is and will always be a much cheaper option when compared to hardwood flooring. But something to consider is the fact that hardwood flooring will outlast the carpet, so carpet will need to be replaced more frequently, which evens it out if you think about it.

And the battle is coming to a close, but like most fights a winner is not clear without a knock out. The judges will have to decide, and those judges are you my friends. So what will it be Carpet or Hardwood Flooring?



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